Friday, June 7, 2013

UH OH! I see TROUBLE here!

Well, we went and picked up 6 kittens from a friend who adopted a mama cat that so happened to be prego. And prego she was! She had 6 babies. They are 6 weeks old. We took 4 of them to the in-laws. And we kept 2. I am so surprised Cameron let me keep 2! They all look alike. Grey tabby with white feet. I just grabbed 2 before he could change his mind! HA! They will stay confined until they get a little bit bigger and everyone gets to say hello and there's no more hissing and punching! And that's from the new kitties! Smokey and Bandit are okay with them. Bandit stands over them and herds them around like a heeler does. Bandit thinks they are hers to do as she sees fit! Silly dog. They are so darn cute. So now we have 2 dogs, 5 cats, horses and cows. I do want to look into getting and Anatolian Shepard as a guard dog.

Kitty #1. I think its a female.

Kitty #2. I think this one is male.

Both kitties! And yea, they are on the couch! When they get older, we will get them their shots and fixed!


  1. Awwwww----what more can I say but Awwwww!!!!
    Oh baby kitties are sooo cute.
    I posted some wine pics. M

  2. AWWW Those are just so cute! I love baby kittens!


  3. Anatolian Shepard would be very interesting - big and protective. You sure have enough room that's for sure. I had a Bouvier des Flandres a cattle herder also very protective of 'his' family. Do you have names for the kittens yet?

  4. I see pure joy when I look at them!

  5. Oh my gosh, how cute!!!! I would never have been able to let them go!


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