Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stormy Sunset & A couple of Monkeys

This past few days have been quite stormy! Cool temps, breezy and well, I wouldn't call it rainy, I guess you could call it "sprinkly". :) 3/10th of an inch in 3 days! We'll take it. Had a few nights of thunder and lightning. Nothing that would start a fire. We are still a little green and wet here with the rain. Late spring weather can be so unpredictable. Heat, then cool, then heat until summer kicks in full force.

Then there's these cuties! It's no wonder we call them "the monkeys"! They like to climb up the screen on the French doors! They can go all the way to the top, then back down. They climb and jump on everything! There's mama Bandit making sure they don't fall! She is such a mother hen!


  1. Rain is so refreshing, even if it's in small portions! ;)
    Love those cute little "monkey's"!

  2. Your dog is thinking...How did they do THAT! Does MOM KNOW????


  3. Oh those darling little kitties! Your sunset pictures absolutely beautiful.
    Wish we would get some rain, even some clouds would be nice. Sigh.....

  4. Oh, I so love that first shot...and love your monkeys. I have a monkey that is 6 years old and he acts more their age most of the time. Except he has a belly and cannot jump as high as he used to...but I see him thinking about it. He is just an imp...

    I may have ask you before...have you seen Simon's Cat videos? I swear he has to be writing about my cats sometimes...


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