Monday, August 26, 2013

The aftermath

Sunday night we had a HUGE storm come through here. Monday we had to start sorting our pairs.
We must have had some kind of hurricane force winds or a tornado. They said there were 70 mph gusts, I think that was steady winds here. We had 3 Sumac trees in the yard go down, and a lilac in the barnyard go down. The power never went out! The water tanks were good, and everything at the barn was good. Except one of our 20 foot stock trailers got tossed through the air! It was about 15 feet away, turned the opposite direction and straddling the fence! Nothing else was a miss. STRANGE!
No humans or animals were hurt. Just a little spooked is all.

The Sumac trees that are no more. I really liked those trees too!

They missed the bird bath and didn't smash the feeder.

Coming off the top onto the meadows and to the sorting lot. Love the view from on top!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Holy dust storm!

We knew that we might have a 20% chance of thunder and lightning with a little rain. Well, we got the 20% and then some extras! I wish I had a wind gauge. It was rockin the pick up back and forth when we were sitting up on the hill. And got 2/10 of an inch of rain. And dust, dust and DUST! Thank you farmers! Top soil and fertilizer on the range ground! :) Thunder and lightning! The fire monitor was going off all over. Mostly for downed power lines. We got back in our barnyard and the pool cover was blown off, a chaise lounger was in the deep end! 2 sumac trees and a lilac tree knocked over. They missed the bird bath and the bird feeders didn't break! Oh what a mess! Well, clean up will have to wait. We start sorting heifers and steers tomorrow.  We did head to the barn and checked the water tanks. All was well. We'll have to see what the rest of the ranch looks like tomorrow.

The start of the clouds.

Here comes the dust. Looking west.

Those are cows on the meadow. They were not happy!

Dust all  around us.

Cows heading South when the rain and wind started.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Must be gettin cold up North.

I was heading up the creek to open gates for the bulls and heifers, and put out salt. As I drove by the upper meadow, the Canadian Geese were sitting in the water bathing and talking. The cows and the geese seem to get along great. Unless you get that curious calf sneaking up on them! In the midst of winter we get thousands of geese and duck on the reserve. It has a warm spring running into it. And has the only open water for miles and miles.

Flying in.

Last winter right outside the back yard fence.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

What would a cowboy do?

We spent all afternoon removing a 20 foot culvert from the creek. The goose lake, which is filled by the creek and a  warm spring and stays open all winter, runs out and down a deep, wide ditch back to the creek. The culvert was starting to rise up out of the ditch and water was starting to run under ground. Not good. Cows in sink holes are not pretty! We have the culvert there because its the only way on to the island. Creek on the west side, lake on the north side, ditch on the east side, and the ditch and creek meet at the south end. It came out a lot easier then we expected. Leave it to a cowboy to figure out how to get a culvert outta the mud and water in one piece! Then we have to clean the mud outta the ditch and put the culvert back in, cover the sides with mud and call it good!

Here he comes.

The culvert that we're going to take out.

The secret weapon. A 25 foot pole.

Digging around the edges of the culvert.

All cleaned up.

Putting the pole in the culvert.

How are we going to keep the pole in the culvert without floating away? What would a cowboy do? Rope it!!

Now what! LOL!

Loop a chain around each end and pick it up.

Lift it out and set it down.

Culvert gone.

Looking North towards the lake.

The supervisor. Bandit.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Around the Barn

There are many barns here on the ranch. Some hold hay, some have machinery, some are used for storage. The main barn is used for everything. Its not pretty, but its huge and covered. We work all our cattle under cover which is nice in the cold weather and the hot weather. It has everything we need to work cattle and horses. And a heated tack room with hot water! :) We had the horse shoer out today, so I wandered around and took a few pictures. Then we had the horse chiropractor out. I didn't get any pictures of that. He brought 2 little boys with him that had me answering every question under the sun! A horse chiropractor you ask? Well yes. We ride our horses pretty hard and fast at times. Up and down hills, in and outta the creek, across lakes, with a 2000 pound bull being drug around. They get pretty sore and tender. The chiropractor stretches their legs, crunches their back, neck, jaw and tail. Its really neat to watch your horse just relax.

The cattle chute.

Where the cows come into the alley leading up to the chute.

Where the cows enter the chute.

Sign in the tack room above the door. You get the idea. RTFL! So important!

Horse shoes anyone?

On Leo's feet.


Some of the guys. Junior, Magnum, Feathers and Leo.

One of the sweetest things to kiss and get kisses from.

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