Monday, August 19, 2013

What would a cowboy do?

We spent all afternoon removing a 20 foot culvert from the creek. The goose lake, which is filled by the creek and a  warm spring and stays open all winter, runs out and down a deep, wide ditch back to the creek. The culvert was starting to rise up out of the ditch and water was starting to run under ground. Not good. Cows in sink holes are not pretty! We have the culvert there because its the only way on to the island. Creek on the west side, lake on the north side, ditch on the east side, and the ditch and creek meet at the south end. It came out a lot easier then we expected. Leave it to a cowboy to figure out how to get a culvert outta the mud and water in one piece! Then we have to clean the mud outta the ditch and put the culvert back in, cover the sides with mud and call it good!

Here he comes.

The culvert that we're going to take out.

The secret weapon. A 25 foot pole.

Digging around the edges of the culvert.

All cleaned up.

Putting the pole in the culvert.

How are we going to keep the pole in the culvert without floating away? What would a cowboy do? Rope it!!

Now what! LOL!

Loop a chain around each end and pick it up.

Lift it out and set it down.

Culvert gone.

Looking North towards the lake.

The supervisor. Bandit.

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  1. Yippee-ti-yi-ya Cowboy.
    The Cowboy way
    is the best way............unless it's the Cowgirl way. haha

  2. I have heard it said that necessity is the mother of invention. And that is food for thought alright. But when it comes to inventing something and making due with what you have to get the job done there is nothing on the planet like the hard working country ranchers and cowboys. Bob

  3. Wow this is certainly a creative way of doing it. Hard work pays off eh? By the way I am now following your blog :)

  4. Pretty ingenious! The lake photo is beautiful!

  5. Now who'd a thought of that except a good cowboy? Big culverts are hard to handle.

  6. Very beautiful Pictures... I usually leave all the big machinery to my cowboy too... I just bush hog and plow :)

  7. Yup- make do with what you have at hand, there is always a way to get'r'done!

  8. Aren't you and I lucky!?!? We have men who know how to do anything and everything.

    Also, wonderful for you, you have a warm water ditch year round. Your very own hot springs!


  9. I just love reading all the things you do at your ranch.

  10. He did what he had to do...sounds like your hubby is good at figuring out things.

  11. Oh I love watching this kind of work we did a lot of that last year.We have a Backhoe so it always eems to be busy. Great job. Nice to have handy guys Round and the supervisor:) B


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