Thursday, August 15, 2013

Peek a Boo

Do you think cows like to play Peek a Boo? I do. The girls, (Smokey & Bandit), Stash and I played peek a boo with this cow and her calf in the slot in our back yard fence.

Here's her calf having a look see.

Making a freaky face at me!


Stash getting in on the game.

Then he went and got in the bird bath.

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  1. Hahahahahahaaa!!! Freaky face---love it!!!
    why a way to spend an afternoon.
    Stach is a rather pretty cat. M

    1. Supposed to be 'what a way' duh. Typing in the dark is dangerous. M

  2. Cattle are curious, so it doesn't surprise me a bit that you had a "peeping Tom" - or should I say, a "peeping Teresa!?" Cute photos!

  3. You made me laugh this morning:) B

  4. Yes cattle like to play. Feedlots usually have a hill and some have a giant ball that cattle like to push around. But cows are curious.

  5. I'm with your mom on Freaky Face....and wow, Stash is a fine looking kitty. Really a pretty cat...


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