Saturday, August 17, 2013

Around the Barn

There are many barns here on the ranch. Some hold hay, some have machinery, some are used for storage. The main barn is used for everything. Its not pretty, but its huge and covered. We work all our cattle under cover which is nice in the cold weather and the hot weather. It has everything we need to work cattle and horses. And a heated tack room with hot water! :) We had the horse shoer out today, so I wandered around and took a few pictures. Then we had the horse chiropractor out. I didn't get any pictures of that. He brought 2 little boys with him that had me answering every question under the sun! A horse chiropractor you ask? Well yes. We ride our horses pretty hard and fast at times. Up and down hills, in and outta the creek, across lakes, with a 2000 pound bull being drug around. They get pretty sore and tender. The chiropractor stretches their legs, crunches their back, neck, jaw and tail. Its really neat to watch your horse just relax.

The cattle chute.

Where the cows come into the alley leading up to the chute.

Where the cows enter the chute.

Sign in the tack room above the door. You get the idea. RTFL! So important!

Horse shoes anyone?

On Leo's feet.


Some of the guys. Junior, Magnum, Feathers and Leo.

One of the sweetest things to kiss and get kisses from.

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  1. I enjoyed the tour! There just is not much that is softer than that last picture!!!

  2. You have things set up very nicely for yourselves and the stock. Much more can be done with the animals to make them healthier and more productive. It's sad that some people don't put the effort into caring for their animals.

  3. Nose to nose is soooo nice. You should have taken a pic of the whole tack room, saddles and all. It is a neat shot. I put the RTFL on my blog once. Some got it some didn't.
    Nice shots and explanations. Ya done good. M

  4. Yeah, I know all about those barns. My brother who own a whole whopping 22 acres (but access to many more) keeps building them. He has the horse barn, the hay barn, the equipment barn, the vehicle barn and the general stuff barn. It truly wouldn't surprise me to hear any day that he feels he needs another barn!!

    Your barn for working livestock looks wonderful. In your country, you need that. The horses look wonderful and sleek.

  5. Oh I love this post the photos of your horses and their shoes are my favourite. You are an awesome caring horse person. Would love to watch the horse chiro work. You are good ranchers some animals are not so lucky. B

  6. I have heard that horse chiro is a wonderful thing. I have also heard of people having it done to show cattle.

    The Husband grew up on a horse and my Mom did too. My horse experience is very very little. I have always had the little girl dream of having a horse and it never worked out. My Mom has not given up on the idea.

    The sepia horseshoe and spur pictures are my favorite, Cheri.

  7. I love petting soft velvet noses. Your barn is very neat and poo anywhere!

    Working undercover is really the best...for man and beast. It also gets the animals used to the closed insides for travel.


  8. Hot water in the tack room, lucky you. Like the horse shoe pictures.

  9. Oh Boy do I wish our catch pen was in a barn.. Our is in a pole barn but, with the 59" of rain we've had... its a mud hole...

  10. We take our old horse, Jake, to the Chiropractor and it does wonders for him after he has slipped on ice or in mud and is all out of whack. I was a skeptic, but now I'm a believer. :)


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