Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hangin' out

Out and about in the yard tonight. This is what I saw.

Stash just hanging out.

I think he needs his whiskers trimmed!

Brothers. Stash and Half Stash.

Love the Sumac Tree.

Pink flowers.

Moooooooo - watcha ya doin?

Sunset. Dump truck, excavator and cows. Quite the combination!

Sunset through the Sumac tree.

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  1. Oh I love your combination it started out my day perfectly. B

  2. Hanging out can be a way of life----it is for the kitties anyway. The sunset through the Sumac is gorgeous. Great shot. On fact all the images are very nice. M

  3. It's the time of the day when everbody should stop and enjoy the earth...beautiful sunsets.

  4. Through the mysterious ways of blogland, I've been following along for a bit now and love hearing about your world. Love those kitties of yours and all the flowers, both in your yard and out in the BIG yard.

  5. You really took some great shots...and I so love Stash and Half-Stash!

  6. Just beautiful and so peaceful. Wonderful!


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