Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blazing Stars

Here are two of my favorite wild flowers. They love to grow where nothing else will. Ya gotta be careful out hiking around. Ya never know when you might run into a rattle snake! YIKES!

This is called a Blazing Star. I like to call it a pin less corsage. Its not sticky to the touch, but you can pick one and it will stick to your shirt, hair, not a good idea! or anywhere. They grow in big clumps. Such a different flower.

This is a Common Sunflower. It likes to grow on the side of the dirt road.

Ole mama keeping cool in the shade of basalt rocks. I am sure she has little ones close by.

One of my favorite little elusive creatures. The Burrowing Owl.


  1. Pretty flowers. I wonder what the Botanical name for the Blazing Star. It is sure bright. I like the Burrowing owl too. You take such neat pictures. good for you. M

  2. Once again I love your photos!!! Love the flowers and animals you caught! We also have to keep an eye out for rattlers when we are out and about. Not fun!

  3. Your flower are just gorgeous! The deer cooling off just warmed my heart. You did a great job getting all of these shots!

  4. I don't think I've ever seen the Blazing Star before. What a beautiful flower! And I love that owl pic :)

  5. I have never seen that star flower before. It's beautiful, as were the rest of your photos! Awesome!

  6. That is the perfect name for the is beautiful. And I could look at sunflowers every day of my life and enjoy them.


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