Thursday, March 27, 2014

Out the door they go!

We turned the heifers out today.
These little ladies averaged 832 pounds! They gained just over 200 pounds in 3 months! That's about 2 1/2 pounds a day!
They went out the gate very nicely. Then they started bucking and running. Stopped turned around and wanted to go back. One thing about heifers, they always stay in a group.
Out the gate they go.

Turning back.


Bandit, my number 1 cowgirl helper and my trusty steed Leo holding our ground.

The weather was perfect this morning. A slight wind, partly sunny skies. Then the skies darkened and we had strong winds, hail and rain. It didn't last but a few hours. The clouds and sky were very pretty.

And if I need another reminder of spring - Texas Yellow Bells. Such sweet little wild flowers.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Working replacement heifers

Yesterday we worked the replacement heifers. Gave them their booster shots and bug juice on them. Getting them ready to meet the bulls in a month.
Our heifers got weaned in mid December, put in the feedlot and fed alfalfa and a mineral lick.
Tomorrow we will turn them out to pasture. Let them get acquainted with their surroundings, then put the bulls in with them.
It was nice to be back on my horse pushing heifers up the alley in to the barn. As always, I had my number 1 cowgirl helping me!
Leo is so shaggy! I haven't had the chance to get a good shedding brush on him.
Poor shaggy pony! And he has cow poop on him!

My number 1 cowgirl helper.

Love the pink heart on the babies nose. This little guy walked right up to me to get his picture taken! HA! What a goof.

Last nights sunset.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The thing with bulls!

Sometimes they don't like to stay in their pasture!
This is the little angus bull that got in the heifers last year and we had 8 December babies!
I wish there was sound on the camera. You could here him bugling from along ways away!
He was in with the granny cows! He is a super gentle bull, just about a month and a half early is all.
Almost had him loaded twice on the road. But he didn't wanna play.
Coming down outta the rocks.
Into the trap you go. So we can load him in the trailer.
Cameron on Leo. Uh yea, my horse again!
What do we have here? Green grass!!!

This mornings sunrise.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Calves, Calves & More Calves

I went and sat with the cows today. This is what I saw.

Mama Kisses

Lunch Time.

Trying to eat her ear tag! ha ha ha!

Love my mama!

We are done with the heifers. Last calf born today! YES! Gotta love a 33 day breeding season. All the heifers, except the 8 early ones. The heifers calved with in the 33 days.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air.
Its been close to 60 degrees the past few days.
You can see a hint of green in all the brown.
The trees are a different color.
Flowers are poking through the ground.
The hawks are pairing up.
The sun is setting in a different position in the sky.
The ponies need to be brushed bad!
And there is only 1 heifer left to go!
Don't forget daylights savings time is this weekend!

Junior ready to have the mud and hair removed.

Buttercups and snow drops in the yard.

Red Tail Hawks pairing up.

A beautiful sunset from the backyard.

Precious baby calf. There are babies EVERYWHERE. You'd swear each mama has 3 babies!

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