Monday, June 30, 2014

Pouting time

The past 3 days Cameron and I have been getting all the bulls outta the cows. It went very smooth. All the bulls cooperated very nicely. We went nice and slow and only took a handful at a time. Closing all gates behind us as we went. If you take too big of a bite, the bulls fight and run off in all different directions!
We took the 2 "big" dogs with us and the puppies. I don't like to work dogs this young. But these pups know the basics very well, sit, stay, down and come when you call their name or whistle. They are pretty smart little girls. And we never put them in a trapped situation. Or let them bite or chase. Just follow behind slow and quiet.

The weather has been cool, cloudy and windy. 2 late afternoons we had rain and rainbows! Perfect weather to ride all day.

A couple pouty boys...

Two trailing a couple of the boys.

Spook watching the boys, Bandit on backup! The bulls had torn up the fence. Broke a steel post! Cameron was fixing the fence when a few of the bulls wanted to go back through the gate! They started to fight so Spook and I went and made sure the guys didn't get to close!

Saturday we had a beautiful double rainbow at the end of our day...

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Working Girls

We have started getting the bulls outta the cows. We got 6 out so far. 20 left to go!
It rained a little bit this morning, then warmed up into the mid 80's. So it was kinda hot and humid! We don't do humidity very good here. Average humidity is about 10%. It was 65% today!
We have been taking the pups with us when we move the heifers and do cowgirl stuff. They are learning quickly!
I moved about 150 cows and calves down a pasture, had Spook and Bandit with me. Bandit my number 1 cowgirl knew how to deal with the 5 calves that didn't want to cross the creek. Spook, knew we needed to get in front of them to turn them. She was just a little to soon to cut them off. She made them run faster! But, she knew what way we needed to go with them, and knew we had to get in their face! She figured it out and we got it done! Good girl.
We then headed out into the great wide open to search for cows and bulls and push them all onto the meadows. It was hot and sticky! Every water hole we passed Bandit thought it was a good idea to hop right in! LOL!
The Mariposa Tulips were everywhere. They feel like they are made outta silk. Such a delicate little flower that doesn't seem to belong in the rocks.
Got done with our day about 7pm and a little thunderstorm decided to roll in.

Mariposa Tulip

A few of the boys
                                           Bandit in the water tank. Two getting a drink.
Spook cooling off in the creek.

A storm is a brewing!
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A pain in the ash....

On May 18, 1980 Mt. Saint Helens blew her top. And we are still dealing with the ash. It gets on and in everything! Its gritty and fluffy like baby powder. The more you mess with it, the powdery it gets! There are layers and layers of ancient ash from many volcanoes. And we don't even live near any mountains! A geologists dream!

We have been putting in water tanks for the past year. 3 have been up and running. Now we are working on 4 more. Had to dig a new well for them. It gets about 200 gallons a minuet and is only 90 feet deep.

Here's one water tank getting put together. We use grain tank rings to assemble the tanks. The concrete company mixes the concrete on site. So there is no waste. You get what you pay for.

The ash piles from the ditch.

The ditch digger.

The cows making sure we do it right!

My bottle baby - Beanstalk.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Cowgirl Crap!

The only thing I have to say about this, she sure is dedicated! And we weren't even working cows! I couldn't get a side shot of her, she wouldn't let me! Her whole right side from neck to tail was covered! lol!

Maybe this rainy, windy weather will wash it off her! Its not even 60* today! Gusty winds! COLD!!!
But makes for pretty pictures. Suppose to warm up to 90* by mid week! :)

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Things in the yard

I've been having a heck of a time downloading pictures to blogger. I don't know if its blogger or my computer. They take FOREVER and then won't go through. UGH! Frustrating. I think most of it is my internet provider. We don't get a very good signal out here. And only have one provider. Anyways......

We have been busy moving cows around  to the meadows. Moving bulls around. They have 18 days left to git er done! We have an old Hereford bull named Patches. He weighs, oh around 2500 pounds. Yea, a big guy. We want to move him in with more cows and bring the baby bulls in where he was. Didn't want any one to get hurt. Patches had other ideas. He didn't really think he needed to leave the cows! We finally got him out of the cows, into another pasture and tried to load him in the trailer. HA! We got him roped and tied to the trailer. Me inside the trailer, come on patches! Had a handful of hay. Have you tried to push a car with the parking brake on? That's what it seemed like! After some coaxing, he got in and we got him moved. Thank goodness he was halter broke as a baby!

We got the swimming pool heater working. Yeah! Now the vacuum won't work! ugh! In between everything else, we'll get it fixed...

We have a wood fence that goes around the yard. To the East, there is another fence made from panels that protect the fruit trees and raspberries. When I am out side, calves will come up and see what kinda trouble they can get in! These little guys are no exception! HA!


The yard has a ton of different peonies. They get so huge I have to put fences around them.

This is a Hummingbird Moth. A strange little creature. 

Two in the yard.

Sunset from the backyard through the trees and flowers. 

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