Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Things in the yard

I've been having a heck of a time downloading pictures to blogger. I don't know if its blogger or my computer. They take FOREVER and then won't go through. UGH! Frustrating. I think most of it is my internet provider. We don't get a very good signal out here. And only have one provider. Anyways......

We have been busy moving cows around  to the meadows. Moving bulls around. They have 18 days left to git er done! We have an old Hereford bull named Patches. He weighs, oh around 2500 pounds. Yea, a big guy. We want to move him in with more cows and bring the baby bulls in where he was. Didn't want any one to get hurt. Patches had other ideas. He didn't really think he needed to leave the cows! We finally got him out of the cows, into another pasture and tried to load him in the trailer. HA! We got him roped and tied to the trailer. Me inside the trailer, come on patches! Had a handful of hay. Have you tried to push a car with the parking brake on? That's what it seemed like! After some coaxing, he got in and we got him moved. Thank goodness he was halter broke as a baby!

We got the swimming pool heater working. Yeah! Now the vacuum won't work! ugh! In between everything else, we'll get it fixed...

We have a wood fence that goes around the yard. To the East, there is another fence made from panels that protect the fruit trees and raspberries. When I am out side, calves will come up and see what kinda trouble they can get in! These little guys are no exception! HA!


The yard has a ton of different peonies. They get so huge I have to put fences around them.

This is a Hummingbird Moth. A strange little creature. 

Two in the yard.

Sunset from the backyard through the trees and flowers. 

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  1. I LOVE those sunset pictures. And that hummingbird moth is beautiful. Have you tried pasting the pictures into your post when they won't download? That works for me sometimes.

  2. Very nice, I like that Hummingbird or Sphinx moth. I always have petunias close to my deck to bring them in.

  3. Sounds like you are busy as a bee...and no time left for fun. Love the range of shots you showed. I really like the way the sunlight is hitting the peonies right above the hummingbird moth. And that is an excellent photo, too.

    As for blogger, I had a bit of trouble uploading pics the other day. My trouble seems to be more in the commenting part. Sometimes when I hit comment, a blank window will open. I have to hit comment repeatedly to get one to open that I can actually comment in. Then there is getting it to take it...I click to publish it, and it just sits there for a bit. Finally, it will go through. At least most of the time.

  4. Gosh, you live in such a beautiful area! I just love your yard and flowers, oh and that awesome pool of yours, and the plains beyond the fences with the cattle. Heaven girl, heaven.

  5. Cheri,
    I can't help you with blogger issues, but I can say when we got fiber optic to the home J and I were overjoyed. Our local cooperative telephone company was part of a project to get fast internet to rural areas. We love it.

    Bulls .... the necessary evil of ranching.

    Have you picked any raspberries yet? What kind of fruit trees do you have?

    Your yard and flowers look beautiful. I see you have a "helper." I hope she doesn't think the flower beds are a good place to nap.

    The calves look good!

  6. OMG, those peonies are to die for! Aren't calves the cutest things?

  7. Looks pretty out there! Our bulls arent out yet, I kinda like it like this they seem to cause less trouble, lol.

  8. Babies are cute. Oh I found how to propagate Peonies---root method.Lets do it. haha

  9. Lovely peonies and gardens! How do you find time to do it and farm too?? I've seen sphinx moths too - they're neat.

  10. Your yard is just beautiful! You must spend hours in it!



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