Thursday, June 26, 2014

Working Girls

We have started getting the bulls outta the cows. We got 6 out so far. 20 left to go!
It rained a little bit this morning, then warmed up into the mid 80's. So it was kinda hot and humid! We don't do humidity very good here. Average humidity is about 10%. It was 65% today!
We have been taking the pups with us when we move the heifers and do cowgirl stuff. They are learning quickly!
I moved about 150 cows and calves down a pasture, had Spook and Bandit with me. Bandit my number 1 cowgirl knew how to deal with the 5 calves that didn't want to cross the creek. Spook, knew we needed to get in front of them to turn them. She was just a little to soon to cut them off. She made them run faster! But, she knew what way we needed to go with them, and knew we had to get in their face! She figured it out and we got it done! Good girl.
We then headed out into the great wide open to search for cows and bulls and push them all onto the meadows. It was hot and sticky! Every water hole we passed Bandit thought it was a good idea to hop right in! LOL!
The Mariposa Tulips were everywhere. They feel like they are made outta silk. Such a delicate little flower that doesn't seem to belong in the rocks.
Got done with our day about 7pm and a little thunderstorm decided to roll in.

Mariposa Tulip

A few of the boys
                                           Bandit in the water tank. Two getting a drink.
Spook cooling off in the creek.

A storm is a brewing!
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  1. Oh your work looks and sounds so exciting:) I know it is work but you love it I know. Love the pics. We have mostly heifers this year for some reason but had a bull born last night. Be safe. Hug B

  2. I wanna hop in the water hole with bandit. I love those stormy skies!!!

  3. love that tulip, you have some fantastic shots. Humidity here is 90 percent

  4. Cheri,

    Glad you have good helpers to gather bulls. I often wonder why a big old bull respects a 35-40 lb dog.

    J and his Dad put bulls out with the cows on Wednesday morning. Thursday we fly tagged steers and spay heifers and today we are going to fly tag replacement heifers and pull bulls.

    The Rancher was a little frustrated yesterday. ALL of our neighbors are haying and we are not. They keep talking rain and J doesn't want to cut. At the same time we can't just sit around and wait. We got a good rain last night, not sure how much.

    Wild tulips? Beautiful!

    Your sky and stormy cloud pictures are great. I love the colors and mood you captured.

  5. Beautiful photos. Interesting blog. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  6. What an awesome lot of photos from your day. You got some very beautiful sky pictures that show some brooding clouds.

  7. Sounds like your dogs are working good for being such youngsters. I'm not keen on humidity either, when you sweat just standing still. Love that yellow storm cloud photo.

  8. We don't do humidity well here either. Your cowgirls are the best! Fuzzy used to know how...probably still does in his dreams! Love the sky...your area reminds me of ours!


  9.! I don't think you can imagine how much I love that last is just simply glorious! I wish I had it blowed up to fit a whole wall...I love it when it is like that out.

    As always, I enjoy your posts so much. Love reading your day to day life!

  10. Boy, oh boy do those pups have the right idea. I would love to be able to jump in the water too! Those storm clouds are awesome!

  11. "My Ranch Life" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  12. Busy busy, the dogs sound like they are learning...and learning how to cool off too. Its been so cold this summer so far just makes me shiver seeing the dog in the water tank.
    That tulip is so pretty! Amazes me the flowers that grow in the wild looking so out of place.

  13. You have captured the storm very well (last two pics)


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