Friday, November 29, 2013

A Beautiful Thanksgivng va-ca.

Went to Oregon to spend Thanksgiving with my son, his girlfriend and her family. And checked out the University of Oregon campus. U of O is the home of the Ducks! I have NEVER seen so many duck feet on cars, flags, everything was duck! Glad we got outta town when we did! Oregon State and U of O were playing their football game, called "the civil war"! The little town was getting busy!! It was a wonderful week! We spent one day at the ocean! It was a balmy 58*, and breezy. I wish I would have brought a kite!

Pacific Ocean

I thought this bridge was cool.

I'm guessing these people didn't have a good day. This was at a rest area.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Busy Busy

Its been a busy week. Tying up loose ends with the cows. Got the last of the cows preged and the keeping heifers worked. Got the cull cows sorted up and ready to go to town. Got all but 14 calves shipped. And all the cows are now on the corn circles. A few days off for Thanksgiving, then we will work all the bulls.

Cows in the corn

Its been C O L D here the past few days. Its been 11* in the morning, warming up to about 30*. The sun was so pretty lighting up the fresh snow in the Blue Mountains.

These guys will live to see another November since we have prime rib for Thanksgiving!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Bouncing Babies

The puppies are getting big and into a lot of trouble! :) If the "big dogs" are home, the pups stay outside. If Smokey and Bandit are gone doing cowgirl business, the pups are locked in the barn. They are typical cattle dogs. Even at almost 6 weeks, they are herding the cats and biting them in the butt! ha ha ha! The cats are pretty good natured about all this stuff. They LOVE their toys. Carry around a ball and Frisbee. They sleep in the laundry room in a big cage thingy. Almost potty trained. No poop in the house, but potty on paper at night. Pretty smart girls. They do have a real good converter on them. The shovel is getting a work out! lol!

Bandit with the pups. Bandit is AWESOME with helping take care of them. She knows where they are at all times. Just ask her. :) Two is on the left. Spook is on the right.

Whats left of the flowers have been torn to shreds. Spook in the flowers.

Two telling Monk how its gonna be from now on.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Cows, corn and Puppies

We got some of the cows moved to the corn. The rest will go after we wean and ship the heifers. The end of the week. Had to put electric fence around the 2 circles, and the 2 pivots. The cows LOVE to rub on the pivots, not good. With all the wind we've had a lot of the corn is on the ground. Good for us. It was cold and foggy putting up the fence. Only took 2 days to get it done! First day, the posts and gates. Second day, all the insulators and hooking up the batteries. Done!

A cold foggy day in the corn field.

On the way to the corn. Had to lure them with the feed truck. Some didn't get the memo. :)

Birds on the fence and cow in the corn.

The new puppies. Brought them home today. Very smart little girls. They like to lay by my boots! And Bandit is already showing them around. I don't have names yet.

Plum tuckered out.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hay Hauling

Woke up to SNOW!! Just a dusting, but still, SNOW!! I love the crisp air. What to do on a snowy day? Start hauling hay. You can stay warm in the truck! ;) Well, until you have to throw straps, and pull tarps!  We got a lot hauled today. Thanks to the neighbors. They got their semi's going and helped haul. Going at it again tomorrow! Shouldn't be any snow tomorrow. (fingers crossed). Will be nice to have the hay barn full.

On the way to the scale to weigh a heavy load.

Weight at the scale.

The stack yard. All that hay's coming home!

Loading 2 bales at a time.

Loaded. Now time to unload. The snow has melted off.

Inside the hay barn. It will be stuffed full soon!

Last nights sunset. Before the snow moved in.

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