Saturday, November 23, 2013

Busy Busy

Its been a busy week. Tying up loose ends with the cows. Got the last of the cows preged and the keeping heifers worked. Got the cull cows sorted up and ready to go to town. Got all but 14 calves shipped. And all the cows are now on the corn circles. A few days off for Thanksgiving, then we will work all the bulls.

Cows in the corn

Its been C O L D here the past few days. Its been 11* in the morning, warming up to about 30*. The sun was so pretty lighting up the fresh snow in the Blue Mountains.

These guys will live to see another November since we have prime rib for Thanksgiving!

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  1. Oh my gosh what beautiful turkeys!! The turkey in the last pic is a majestic looking feller :)

  2. I think the cows are looking at you and saying something like, "Oh no! Not these guys again!" After all the work with them they are probably very happy to be in the cornfield. You have some great shots with red cows in the yellow corn field and then some great shots of the mountain range.

  3. Beautiful TOM!!!! Outstanding! It's nasty here so I loved looking at your blue skies. Cold or not at least you don't have mud!

    Your cows are looking really good, by the way!


  4. It's a good feeling to get the cattle work caught up. Sounds like we are working first calf heifers at Cousin T's Wednesday. We will run ours through in December.

    We have been cold too. It was 7* two mornings ago. I don't mind 20's, IF the wind is not blowing. Today was beautiful and we spent the afternoon fencing.

    I like your mountain pictures.

    Turkey's are fun to photograph. I like the blue heads.

    Prime Rib for Thanksgiving, yea for you! We will be eating a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

  5. The pic of the mountains is very pretty.Sounds as though you have been extra busy! I know the cold weather makes it that much more work and tougher...We had a winter storm blow on through this weekend and it's more mess to deal with in the pastures as usual.We have brisket a lot on thanksgiving and Christmas.You know you're a family of ranchers when brisket wins over turkey for holidays 99%of the

  6. Just checking in to see what I have missed...sounds like you are busy as ever! I don't envy you the cold...I don't miss that from work at all. I think it has been down in the teens at night here...but right now it is a balmy 32º...but the wind cuts like a knife.

    Your pics are beautiful....the ones of the mountains are almost surreal.

    Just in case I don't post, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Beautiful photos!!! Cows look real good! Beautiful are those Blue Mountains, that's for sure! Neat to see those turkeys! I have been eating so much turkey lately, I think I am going to have something else for Thanksgiving to eat besides turkey....don't know what yet though??? Maybe

  8. Prime rib sounds nice, I am cooking a turkey for 3 so will have too much. I do the rib Xmas

  9. we have thanksgiving in October so seems a long time from Christmas so turkey at both is OK for us :)


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