About Me

1) I love being a cowgirl.

2) I love my son, my husband, my horses and my dogs.

3) I hate to cook. When I met my husband, I told him "The only thing domestic about me, is that I
    live in a house"! His response, " Can you read"? "The directions are on the box"! HA HA! Men.

4) I don't like snakes.

5) I never played with dolls as a child. I had ponies to ride and dirt to play in.

6) I own more cowboy boots then heels.

7) I prefer a bay horse, a gelding, and a tall horse.

8) I don't like to watch TV.

9) I like all 4 seasons. Summer, spring, fall and winter.

10) My favorite color is pink. My gelding even has a pink halter. None of the guys touch it! :)

11) I love the smell of fresh cut grass.

12) I LOVE anything that has to do with CHOCOLATE!

13) I like to take road trips. Back roads to small towns and visit with people there.

14) I like to fish and hunt.

15) I love to ride my horse. FAST!

16) I love living in the middle of no where. Even GPS can't find our place.

17) I'm a volunteer fire fighter. I run the 6x6 Mack, 5000 gallon tanker truck.

18) I love calving out heifers.

19) I like riding my horse in the snow.

20) I like taking pictures. But, I hate my picture taken.

21) I love being a cowgirl. Did I mention that? I LOVE IT! Wouldn't trade it for anything.

22) I don't have a cell phone. Don't need one, don't want one.

23) I don't wear a watch. I don't even own a watch.


  1. Cheri,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on The Ranch Wife Chronicles. I look forward to following your Ranch Wife Life. Love you "about me" list. I agree with many of your preferences.

  2. We have some things in common...of course we would since I love your blog. I LOVE fishing, but I don't hunt. Though I did as a kid. I do like guns and rifles. Been shooting since I was a kid, not a great shot but enjoy it. I don't like target shooting, but love shooting at cans, bottles, and we used to fling our on clay pigeons...that is a blast.

    I love taking pictures, but hate having mine taken. I am sort of uncomfortable take people pics because of how I hate having mine taken...now I don't mind taking people pics of my family.

    I love chocolate...and have passed that gene on. The first time Lorelei tasted chocolate, she was hooked for life.

    I don't live in the middle of nowhwhere, but I know I would love it. I was born a country girl and will always be one at heart.

    I LOVE back roads...always prefer them if I have the time.

    I don't own cowboy boots, but by the same token, I don't own heels either!

    Pink used to be my favorite color for clothes and I still really like it. It is Lorelei's favorite color, and also one of my nieces.

    I LOVE the smell of fresh mowed/baled hay (that is close to grass) and I love the smell of wood smoke...wish I could bottle that one.

    I played in the dirt, the creek, the pond, in the woods, and with calves, as a kid. I guess I did play some with dolls but I sure don't remember it. I had three brothers still at home, and we always had something to do.

    The differences in us...I don't hate snakes...when garter snakes used to come up to the sale room at work, or rather right outside the sale room, they would have me catch them and carry them away.

    I don't mind cooking if there is something someone wants, or if it is even something I really want.

  3. I just found your blog and I'm so excited to follow along!!


Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the ranch.