Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Moving steer pairs

Wednesday we will be sending the steer babies to their new home to be fed and fattened up! So, Friday we moved them and their mama's closer to the corrals. It was a balmy 75*! Why is it when its only 75* in the fall it feels so HOT! But, when its 95* in mid summer its pleasant?
We moved them early because we all were having company over the weekend. Deer season started.
And, too make sure we got all the pairs and everyone is in good health.

                                 At the watering hole.

                                Heading over the hill.

         The end of the day, there was a cool sundog in this odd looking cloud.

                                Angel wings.

The hunters. Bob was successful.
                                End of the day sunset.

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  1. Hey, pretty neat pictures. I will post about moving the steers too.

  2. Very nice ending to lots of work.Makes me want to grill.

  3. Lovely photos! I love them all...and the SUNDOG the best!


  4. I always wonder that about the temps, too! And 75 feels wonderful in the spring! I see one the dogs thinks it is hot, too!

  5. Cheri,
    Hope all goes well shipping steer calves today!

    Love your sky pictures.

    We moved Cousin T's pairs home yesterday. This morning J and I are moving the young bunch of pairs home. Tomorrow we are combining two summer pasture groups into one; those cattle will come home next Tuesday.

  6. Your cattle are sure looking good. Those sky photos are great!

  7. Good to see a glimpse of your part of the world! We will move cattle home from summer pastures the first week of November.

  8. Very cool, we weaned last Sunday, glad that's over for the year, prices are good so that's always a positive :) The sundog pic is super cool in those clouds.

  9. I looked at your photos enlarged, beautiful! I know what you say about the fall. I guess we just expect it to be cooler. I think the sun seems stronger in the fall. Maybe because the air is clearer and it's moved a bit. I don't know. Good luck with the deer hunting. It's a big thing here too!

  10. Always something to do when you live on a farm. - Loving your sundog and that last sunset shot, so beautiful.

  11. Those are some awesome pictures. Glad everyone is healthy and doing good. Nothing better than things that run smooth.

  12. Great pix! Just hopped over from another blog & figured out I'm south of you by just a ways - in the Blues in Oregon. Grew up w/ hereford & angus and those little angus babies are about one of the cutest things on earth. Hope you're getting some of this rain.


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