Monday, November 11, 2013

Cows, corn and Puppies

We got some of the cows moved to the corn. The rest will go after we wean and ship the heifers. The end of the week. Had to put electric fence around the 2 circles, and the 2 pivots. The cows LOVE to rub on the pivots, not good. With all the wind we've had a lot of the corn is on the ground. Good for us. It was cold and foggy putting up the fence. Only took 2 days to get it done! First day, the posts and gates. Second day, all the insulators and hooking up the batteries. Done!

A cold foggy day in the corn field.

On the way to the corn. Had to lure them with the feed truck. Some didn't get the memo. :)

Birds on the fence and cow in the corn.

The new puppies. Brought them home today. Very smart little girls. They like to lay by my boots! And Bandit is already showing them around. I don't have names yet.

Plum tuckered out.

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  1. Corn seems to provide a great amount of feed for the cows.

  2. Cows in the corn---where is Little Boy Blue???
    Awww sweet puppies. They are cute and no Kylee cannot have one. hahaha!!! I hope she doesn't read this. Seems to have warmed up a bit--right? Have you talked to Mike lately? M

  3. Cows in the corn don't get as much as they used to. New hybrids pick clean and only leave a few ears. We used to go gather drop corn for feeders, but it takes some walking. Love the pups, but wrestling with one here that wants to come in to do its duty after being outside.

  4. Beautiful photos! Puppies are growing like weeds and look real good! ...not much cuter than a lil pup or puppies! I've always liked seeing cows out on stocks for some reason....especially a herd that looks like yours! Good stuff!

  5. AWWWW! I just wanted to reach out and pet their cute little soft bellies and darling little faces!


  6. I like the corn stalk pictures! Birdies on fences are fun.

    Your puppies are growing. I think Rosie is a little bigger everyday. I have to be careful when I feed her she attacks her food and her little teeth are sharp. Rosie is starting to have a personality and she is a sweetheart.

  7. If it were Lorelei, one of the puppies would be named Girlie Girl....just saying.

    Oh, I love your pics...especially the birds on the fence. Bet you are glad that job is done!

  8. aww those pups are adorable! The best thing is they sleep lots ;) And cows in the corn if theyd have known theyd have run you ovr to get there! Our cows see Neil feeding the heifers and they all run to the gate whining that they are starving, lol they are so fat they probly couldnt eat a whole bale, crazy cows

  9. Haha....That's how our cows do when we try and lure them..sometimes you spend all day in the feed truck honking the horn just trying to get their attention and they just look at you like:"Huh?" pups are adorable!


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