Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hay Hauling

Woke up to SNOW!! Just a dusting, but still, SNOW!! I love the crisp air. What to do on a snowy day? Start hauling hay. You can stay warm in the truck! ;) Well, until you have to throw straps, and pull tarps!  We got a lot hauled today. Thanks to the neighbors. They got their semi's going and helped haul. Going at it again tomorrow! Shouldn't be any snow tomorrow. (fingers crossed). Will be nice to have the hay barn full.

On the way to the scale to weigh a heavy load.

Weight at the scale.

The stack yard. All that hay's coming home!

Loading 2 bales at a time.

Loaded. Now time to unload. The snow has melted off.

Inside the hay barn. It will be stuffed full soon!

Last nights sunset. Before the snow moved in.

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  1. Cool pictures of hay hauling. I was wondering when you were getting yours. Snow had to push ya, huh? Love the last pic. great color. M

  2. I would love to do that! Especially in snowy conditions. Yes, yes, I would.
    Here a mere 1/2 inch of snow means chaos...

  3. That is always a good feeling, to know that you will have a nice full hay barn! We used to end up buying hay because the hubby works outside of the farm and never gets time to make enough hay when we have good weather. Now that the son is old enough he helps out and gets the easy work done during the week and on the weekends we bale. This is one of the best years so far. We have lots of hay in the barn to last us through the winter!

  4. SNOW!!!!!!! I love snow and I'm so so jealous! That sunset is beautiful by the way.

  5. Look at all that hay! ...and nice equipment! ...and beautiful sunset! Hay looks like real good feed! No snow here yet. I'm not ready for it, but am getting closer each day! ...got a few more shelters to build for small critters. I'll have to post my snow art pics that I do on side hills in the snow using a horse for a pencil...lol.

  6. Interesting to see the hay hauling and storing process. I'm BB...Before Bales and we hauled loose hay with one rack and two old horses. For a little ,kid it was fun to snuggle down in the hay.

  7. Wow, snow. AND all that hay, boy oh boy what a job. It will be nice when it's done.

  8. PS: The sunset is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  9. What big bales you have!!! I see those around here some, but not as often as the round bales. Do you grow your own hay or do you buy it. Do you have a preference for what kind of hay?

  10. You are just like us...finishing up for winter. We are hauling away and you are bringing in. I like your hay barn...easy to get in and out of...some are really complicated!!!


  11. Glad you got some hay hauled, Cheri! Double good to have help.

    J and his Dad tried to haul hay today. J got stuck with the semi, twice. We are thinking hauling will be an early morning task, while the ground is still frozen.

  12. How cool...we've been doing the same thing here too today!...lol...just putting it in the barn.Guess it's that time of year!..Thanks for the advice on the sticker weed killer..they're ordering me some at the feed store this week...those burrs survived the freeze!..tough sticker weeds let me tell ya!


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