Monday, June 30, 2014

Pouting time

The past 3 days Cameron and I have been getting all the bulls outta the cows. It went very smooth. All the bulls cooperated very nicely. We went nice and slow and only took a handful at a time. Closing all gates behind us as we went. If you take too big of a bite, the bulls fight and run off in all different directions!
We took the 2 "big" dogs with us and the puppies. I don't like to work dogs this young. But these pups know the basics very well, sit, stay, down and come when you call their name or whistle. They are pretty smart little girls. And we never put them in a trapped situation. Or let them bite or chase. Just follow behind slow and quiet.

The weather has been cool, cloudy and windy. 2 late afternoons we had rain and rainbows! Perfect weather to ride all day.

A couple pouty boys...

Two trailing a couple of the boys.

Spook watching the boys, Bandit on backup! The bulls had torn up the fence. Broke a steel post! Cameron was fixing the fence when a few of the bulls wanted to go back through the gate! They started to fight so Spook and I went and made sure the guys didn't get to close!

Saturday we had a beautiful double rainbow at the end of our day...

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  1. They look like BIG pouty boys! Glad it was a fence post and not one of you guys that got in their way! Hate to think what it would have done to a person.

    As always, I really enjoyed the the rainbow ones of course, but also love the one of Two trailing those two bulls!

  2. They do look kinda cranky in the first two pics. And I love those double-rainbow shots!!

  3. Very nice rainbow. I haven't seen one even with all the rain we have had. sitting out major storms today and moving 3 ton of rock to build a new shed on.

  4. Your title made me laugh! The rainbow was beautiful. I just love those nice surprises!

  5. Them ole pouty bulls alright! Good to see all the dogs working together. Nice shots of the rainbows. M

  6. Pouting Boys LOVE it:):). Beautiful rainbow. Hug B

  7. Beautiful!!! Beautiful! We could always tell when the girls were done with the bull...he would start bashing up the feeder, or the fence posts, or................


  8. So far ahead of us again, we are just putting bulls out today, sure a lot easier than pulling them I think.

  9. Those old boys have a mind of their own and they know when they're being ripped off.

  10. Gotta love a good dog when you are working with bulls.
    What a gorgeous rainbow! Love the way the mist around it is coloured too.


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