Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Western Kingbird?

These cute birds are all over around here. I think they are a Western Kingbird. But, for whatever reason we call the B Martins.. I have no idea why!
They are always way up in the trees. But nest down low.
The adults are in the Honey Locust trees and the nest is in the Lilac.
When you go down by their nest, they just flip out and squawk and try to dive bomb you! I pay no attention to them and check on the babies....A few days ago the babies were just little fuzzy heads barely sticking out of the nest. Now they look a little cramped in there!

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  1. Looks like a Western alright. I saw some when we were in Omak. Neat to see the nest.

  2. It should be fun when they leave and wander your yard.

  3. It sounds like kingbirds can be very aggressive when you get too close to their nests. I'm finding more species and higher number of birds this year.

  4. Pretty birds! The babies are adorable. The white outer feathers on the tail do identify it as a Western Kingbird, according to my book.

  5. What a beautiful bird!!!


  6. What a lovely color they are! Great pictures of them.

  7. I think you are right, though I have never seen one in person...but they sure are pretty.

  8. I never was a big fan of birds, they are so noisy, I like big birds like hawks and eagles and owls but not noisy songbirds. But in the last few years I notice I am taking more interest in them and have seen a few baby birds, I even was a wimp and dint get rid of the obnoxious baby black birds


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