Friday, July 18, 2014

Wild Fires

There are many wild fires in Eastern Washington. Started by lightning. Whole towns being evacuated, hundreds of thousands acres burned, peoples homes burned. We are a few hundred miles east of the fires. Yesterday was so hazy. Blue haze and smokey. This morning it was real yellow and there was a light covering of black ash on everything. I couldn't imagine what its like a few miles from the fires!
Here is a link to some wild fire pictures
Please keep our wild land firefighters in your thoughts and prayers.

Last nights sunset

The sun this morning.

Yellow and hazy this afternoon. Temps here are about 25* cooler then they have been. Its 80* right now, as opposed to 105+ it has been the past week!

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  1. Oh those fires, they are so scary!

  2. I thought of those fires while watching the sky this last week camping

  3. There's more smoke here. We get it from the Territories, B.C.and and Alberta. Our forecast is for showers for the next 5 days.

  4. Yes, we have that smoke here too. Fills the valley. Pretty scary to think how thick it is here and how much worse it must be closer to the source.

  5. Wow glad we are a long ways from the fires, we can see haze everyday but not so much it makes they sky yellow

  6. Pretty scary. You guys been out on any fire calls? MB

  7. Oh, gosh! This is terrifying! I hope you all stay safe!


  8. Cheri,

    I hope they get the fires under control and pray for safety of those fighting and in the line of fire.

    Due to the jet stream we have been getting smoke. We first noticed it on Friday. It's hazy and lingering in the air.

  9. That last picture sure says it all. Hope the fires stay that hundred's of miles away! Lovely sunrise pictures.

  10. Oh, my! I am so afraid of fire...please stay safe! You guys and all will be in my prayers.


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