Monday, July 28, 2014

Pregging Heifers

And the cycle starts again!
Seems like we just turned the bulls out with the heifers and now we are pregging them? Yep.
The bulls were put in at the end of April and pulled at the end of May. 33 days to get 'er done. And get 'er done they did! HA!

The vet likes to get here early, 6:30 am early, too beat the heat and just be done with it. I wasn't ready to get up at 3:45 am, but I ended up waking up before the alarm went off. Happens every time!

It was already 72* at 4 am! Yikes! And hot it got today! 100*! Suppose to be like this for the next week or so! Not good. The cows don't do well in this extreme heat.
Imagine weighing in at 1300 pounds AND wearing a fur coat with temps in the 100's! Yeah.

I've been leaving Bandit at home and taking Spook with me to gather cows. I must say for just a 10 month old pup, she totally gets how to work cows. I couldn't be more happy with her. She's quiet, calm and is always in the right spot at the right time. Or can get in the right spot quietly.

No pictures of pregging the heifers. I was at the chute, putting bug juice on the heifers, tattooing, keeping the ear tags rotated and getting covered in cow nasty! YUCK!

Here's a few pics of bringing the heifers in.

                                       Keeping them going straight.
                                           Single file - good girls.
                                           And back up the creek they go.

My favorite view.
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  1. 70 here today, haven't had my air on for 3 days.Most summers it never gets turned off

  2. 20 C (70 F) suits me. Cows have got to take whatever comes but s you say it's hard on them.

  3. Good job I do hope it cools down for them. Hug B

  4. I am LOVING this autumn weather in July :)

  5. Here I was complaining that I had to wear a light jacket last night while doing chores! I think I like the mid 60's compared to the 100's! I like the heat but not that hot! You probably have the humidity to go along with it too! Spook is going to be a great help! That is a lovely view.

  6. Wow, that's a tight breeding season. We have about 40 cows at a farm up the road and my husband just rotated in the 4th bull. Very frustrating to feed one for 11 months and then can't hold up for 30 days with the cows.

  7. The photos I can never get is when sorting cattle. Thankfully, I can get the ones of preg checking because I am just the observer. :-) I love the "follow the leader" shot. It's always nice when it goes that way (though it rarely seems to for us)!

  8. you're always one busy woman...sometimes I wonder if you ever get to relax! Glad Spook has the intuition to do the job!


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