Friday, August 1, 2014

It just got hotter!

Wheat harvest is well under way here in the dry, dry channeled scablands.
Its been in the 100's for, well, forever it seems.
Wednesday there was a combine fire. The combine caught on fire and burned about 10 acres of standing wheat. No one was hurt thank goodness. I don't have pictures of that because I was home alone and headed out in the tanker truck and met up with Cameron at the fire.
Today was 103* out. And another fire started by a combine. It didn't burn the combine, but about 200 acres of stubble and standing wheat.
Thank goodness for all our volunteer firemen and women!
Here's a few pictures on the way to the fire. Not much to see afterwards. Just black dirt.

The tanker truck. Its not pretty, but it holds 5000 gallons of water, an ice chest full of Gatorade and water! And the firemen are usually pretty happy too see us coming!
The Monk sitting on a fence post at sunset.
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  1. It's a good thing there wasn't any ind or it looks that way as the smoke is going straight up. You are well organized for fire protection.

  2. So strange to hear about 100+ temps when we are here with record cold for this time of year. Wore a sweatshirt all day yesterday. Glad you have good firefighter and supporters. Beautiful cat picture.

  3. Oh you are truly awesome to do what you do. I love volunteer firemen we rely on them here too my nephew is one and they are so needed this year in your neck of the woods with all that heat, I cannot imagine.
    You are so awesome I cannot imagine driving that tanker truck but I would try it:) You are truly a hero you and your husband. Great shots. Be safe.HUGS B

  4. Very glad nobody was hurt in that wildfire. And I cannot believe how hot the temperatures are there. Wow and to think I complain about 90?

  5. Fire can spread fast. I do a lot of burns around here. Like the cat shot, very nice.

  6. So sorry to hear of the fires. Hope you've had the last one. Love the kitty shot.

  7. Cheri,
    As you know prairie fires are scary. J is on the local volunteer department and we have a business band radio in the house that scans the fire departments. I have heard more activity in the last few days than I have all summer. It's amazing how people "come out of the wood works" when they see smoke.

    On our drive across SD last week, we saw several harvested winter wheat fields. The wheat is getting close in our area.

    Preg checking heifers tomorrow.

  8. Cheri! This heart breaking! Crop and combine, those things run around $250,000 on up! I am so sorry for you and everyone involved! I'm also glad no one what hurt or lost their lives!


  9. I am sure everyone is thankful to have you volunteers around when needed.
    Cute Monk picture. It has been so hot for us too. Up in the mid 80's--darn hot for us westies. Bob and Shan have been working on the hot fence and hot box. Somebody tampered with something but we untangled stuff got it working. Well we used bob's charger and bob is going to tear apart the old one. We'll see. MB

  10. Glad to hear the fire didn't spread but still a horrible loss of crop! That last pictures is just beautiful!

  11. Scary! I bet they were glad to see that tanker coming. Prairie fires can be pretty rapid, glad you got it put out. Sad about the combine- hope it and the crops were insured.

  12. All I can say is fire scares me! All the fire departments in the little towns around here are run by volunteers....and I tell you they are just right there if called. Great bunch of guys and gals, too...well we did have one gal.

  13. BTW, that is a great shot of Monk!


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