Friday, August 15, 2014

After the storm

Wednesday we had a heck of a storm blow threw here. Wind, dust, thunder and lightning. But after a good storm, comes the beauty.
Yea, I had to wash the south side of the house, (vinyl siding rocks), wash windows and mow the sticks in the yard. Our internet has been hit and miss too.
When I was done mowing I saw this double rainbow. Gorgeous.

This picture was taken August 25, 2013. A haboob. Rolling across the meadow right next to the house!

Last evening the sky was just awash in yellow. It was so pretty.

Double rainbows.

The yellow sunset.

Gotta love living out in the middle of nowhere!

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  1. Beautiful shots... that first one's so ominous.

  2. Yeah, well you make everybody jealous----except for the aftermath of the haboob! M

  3. Oh, wow, Cheri! These shots are, love, love the rainbows...well, just love them all. So glad to see your part of the world.

  4. Only the storms go by out in the middle of no where.

  5. Lovely captures! That wall of dust is amazing. I went to school in AZ so rode out a few dust storms, but never saw one this extraordinary.

  6. Great pictures! We lived in Moses Lake for 5 years in the 80's, so can relate a bit. Ray

  7. Those are some beautiful pictures. You do have some awesome scenery when you have wide open spaces!

  8. I love the middle of no where! May I reblog this come next week?


  9. I had to look up what a haboob was because I had no idea! Do you live in the Nevada desert? :-)

  10. Wow, beautiful photos girl! I envy your living in the middle of nowhere!


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