Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Photo Bombed

Its been hot here the past week. Got up to 100* today! Suppose to get hotter for another few days, then cool back off into the mid 90's. Makes for changing irrigation pipes sticky! At least you have the water too cool ya down.....and the pool at home. And gotta have AC!

Fire season is upon us. There is a forest fire in Ellensburg, almost 200 miles west of us. The smoke makes for some beautiful sunsets though.

Photo bombed by a bird!

My bottle baby, Beanstalk is growing like a weed!

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  1. Oh Keep cool as best you can it is warm here but the continuing rain keeps us cool. No hay yet. LOVE your pics.Beanstalk is growing for sure. Hug B

  2. Like Beanstalk, he will be hard to part with. I laugh when I find a tiny bird or element in a photo. Headed out to fish a little late today.

  3. Those darn birds. I have that happen too. The pits of the deal is I never see them until after I down load the pictures.

    I have 2 bottle babies. One has a mother that is crippled and not able to support a calf; the second is a twin. I find it humbling to feed them and encouraging that they like me so much. lol!

    Happy irrigating.

  4. I hate wild fire season! But like you say it does produce nice sunsets.



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