Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air.
Its been close to 60 degrees the past few days.
You can see a hint of green in all the brown.
The trees are a different color.
Flowers are poking through the ground.
The hawks are pairing up.
The sun is setting in a different position in the sky.
The ponies need to be brushed bad!
And there is only 1 heifer left to go!
Don't forget daylights savings time is this weekend!

Junior ready to have the mud and hair removed.

Buttercups and snow drops in the yard.

Red Tail Hawks pairing up.

A beautiful sunset from the backyard.

Precious baby calf. There are babies EVERYWHERE. You'd swear each mama has 3 babies!

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  1. Excellent post. The babies are so sweet. Is it all done now? I love all the little yet big changes in the trees and plants now that Spring is so near. That's whats on my blog too. Of course that Sunset is gorgeous. Is Junior going to get a scrub down? MB

  2. Oh it looks and sounds perfect I must admit I look forward to some of those pretty photos around here too especially the calves part. I do think I will be complaining about all the work soon enough:) Hope your wrist is feeling better. hug B

  3. Looks great, wish it was better here

  4. For me spring is about a beautiful new smell! Get a photo of that one for me. Nicely done on photos.

  5. Yeah for signs of spring, Miss C. It was warm yesterday. J's Cousin's Wife and I made a trip to the Big City. It was a gorgeous day to be out and about. We've got lots of mud, but it's better than Friday's ice.

    Congrats on the last heifer calving! We breed our heifers short also. The ones that settled bred close, except for one will be late. She must have settled to the neighbor's bull. We have had a good run for the last 2 days; hope it continues.

  6. I loved every photo in the this post! I've noticed the sunsets and rises now are starting to lose their pale cold frozen colors and adding in warmer tints of fire.

    ♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬

  7. And I am so glad spring is springing! I need to head outside to clean up the yard...just taking a minute to see what you are up to.


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