Monday, August 5, 2013

Preg testing

We preged our heifers today. We had a very good conception rate considering we were short an Angus bull in with the heifers due to an injury. Gotta love young bulls. :) They got business taken care of! We started at 6am, got all done by 10:30am. We tag the heifers and tattoo them. The girls got pink tags this year. We put a different color tag in the heifers every year. The first number is the year they were born, the next numbers are how they come through the chute. Like #250 = born 2012 and the 50th heifer that's pregnant through the chute. The opens ( not pregnant) get their tails bobbed, cut the long hair off and no tag. We also tattoo the heifers in their left ear. The tattoo is just their tag number. That way if they loose a their tag, we can still ID them with their tattoo. It was a very good day. I was at the chute, paper and pen, tags, tattooer and ink. Keeping things flowing smooth. And a few surprises along the way.

Cameron waiting for the "good cow" cue so he can tag her.

Dr. Tim doin' the testing. Some ones gotta do it!

Getting her new pink tag.

The pink tags.

Tattooing. Putting on the ink.

All done. Heifers heading back to the rocks.

Love how they hold their tails in the air when crossing the creek! lol! Can you see the dragon fly? hint - its on her shoulder.

And a few surprises. My horse was as shocked to see this little guy as he was too see us!

Baby pheasant at the gate. We had a great hatch of pheasants and quail this year.

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  1. Bet you are glad this is done...specially now that you know had a good success rate.

    Love the fawn!

  2. You sound pretty cheerful after a hard day's work.

  3. Excellent post, Cheri. Good pictures, great prose and almost poetic. The Fawn is so sweet looking. We have last years babies in the yard all the time eating stuff---flowers, fruit, veggies. You know the good stuff.
    Glad you have a good success rate. Yep them bulls are a-grinnin'. M

  4. Congratulations on your good conception rate. I remember the young bulls and was unpressed with how big they were at the age they were at the time. Awesome animals! This blog is really instructive and it comes across just like we were there. And I finally found the dragon fly = with a little help from MB. MB'B

    1. OOPS!! I would like to change unpressed to impressed. Bob

  5. Oh I LOVE this post my girls have yellow tags I am not going to tell them about the pink ones they may be jealous but I may get some of those:) I seen the dragon fly. Great shots, great life. B

  6. Busy day for you! One of many, I am sure. I love those pink tags!! The dragonfly was a really great catch!

  7. Cheri,
    That is a good job done. We ultrasounded heifers on Sunday.

    The fun little surprises one sees in the pasture makes life grand.

  8. Wow, what a lot of work, but sounds worth it! Beautiful pics, I loved the one where the heifer was getting it's tattoo. The eyes are wild! Bet they were all grateful to get back out to the pasture!

  9. That was fun! I miss those days of having cows...I would have them all over again if Terry would be up to it.



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