Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gobble Gobble

Wild turkeys. We are getting quite a "herd" of turkeys up and down the creek. They seemed to have had a good hatch this year! The toms are getting bigger and bigger. Every day when we head north out of our barn yard towards the corrals, we always "check" on the turkeys, along with the quail and pheasants. Make sure everyone is accounted for and to see if there are new babies out and about.  When we don't see the turkeys for a few days, we get concerned that they coyotes got them. But, they always reappear. They spend their time between the rocks to the east and the trees and creek to the west.

Mr. Tom Turkey.

The gang heading to the trees and creek.

Ms. Turkey.

Misses and babies.

The whole family.

Sun setting on the cows. The sun was huge and red. By the time I went to get my camera this was all that was left of it! It's setting so fast! ugh!

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  1. Love the color of the sky. It is so hard chasing the sunset. the last 3 nights the sun set was beautiful. We were watching Kylee race up in Sedro and the sun was a giant red ball. tonight we were on the road when the sun was setting and I did get a few shots but when got to a good place the clouds were there.

    Your Turkeys are neat. How many do you suppose there are all together?


  2. We have turkeys here in South Central Kansas, too. I never can seem to capture a tom with his feathers spread. They are always too far from me to get a good photo. But we have them come right up into the yard sometimes.

  3. Well I know you know I loved this post. My Darn taunting Turkeys :) B

  4. Funny how the wild turkey seems to be doing very well in lots of areas. Our winters are just too severe for them to survive.

  5. Oh, I would love watching the wildlife at your ranch! And would probably have enough sunset/sunrise photos to fill a TB drive! I bet you get some really glorious views.

  6. Your sunset is outstanding! Aren't turkeys just a hoot to watch? Its so hard to drum and walk...and gobble and look beautiful!!

    Good photos!


  7. Oh those turkeys, wow, that's awesome! Such a beautiful spot you live in!


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