Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rainbows and Funnel Clouds

This Spring we have had the craziest weather!
My son was over on Friday and Saturday, so we could take graduation pictures around the ranch. Was a beautiful day on Saturday to take pictures.
Today we had to move the heifers. We move them every 7-10 days. One, it is just good grass management. And two, we don't want any crippled calves. Three, they get used to seeing us and then they start waiting at the gates for us! :) Good girls.
Anyway - Saturday we had rainbows to the east.
Luckily we moved the heifers early. Looking East was dark and spooky looking. You could see the lightning and hear the thunder. But, it was a good distance away - like 50 miles. But, it was a movin' West! Towards us. The heifers filed right through the gates! We headed to the trailer as the rain started. On our way home, we see this thing!! It never touched down though. But it was accompanied by lots of thunder and lightning and pounding rain!
My son in the old one room school house. I am so proud of him graduating cum lade with a BS in psychology and a minor in philosophy and anthropology. I'm sure I will be posting more pics of him. We took over 100 photos! LOL!


  1. I like the first picture besides the rainbow the sky is awesome. Do you get funnel clouds very often?
    Mike's picture is NICE. I like that one but best of all the one you sent standing by the red barn and green leaves. M

  2. Beautiful first shot, scary second shot, and handsome last shot....congrats to him.

  3. Great Job Michael! Very proud. Oh and the other shots are nice too! Richelle

  4. Awesome pictures!
    Are funnel clouds a strange appearance where y'all are?!

  5. Love the rainbow...perfect for a graduation don't you think! As for the funnel cloud ... I am so thankful it didn't set down!


  6. Congratulations! It is the best feeling in the world to graduate :)


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