Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Boys will be Boys

I'm sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and gazing out the window into the back yard, looking at all the little birdies at the feeders, the big kitties lurking around, Bandit taking care of her new kitty friends when the dust starts flying and the bulls are bugling. I look up and there are 4 bulls (that I can see anyway), flinging dirt and snot. 1 cow and a bunch of steers! HA! The bulls will be out of the cows in about 2 weeks. It looks like they got their job done when you have 1 hot cow and 4 bulls after her.

Yep, there's 2 bulls in that dust cloud!

The face off. After the dust settled. This is why we crop their horns.

One of the bulls walked off. But the other one kept the dust going.

In the meantime, the other bull walked off with the cow and steers. He turned around and was probably saying, " I got her, ya all can stop the power play".



  1. Ole!!!!

    Silly bulls. I hope they have accomplished more than just making dust. I guess you'll know come early Spring. M

  2. These are magnificent animals following the edicts of nature ultimately for the benefit of the ranch. I always enjoy your narrative!

  3. Yep! All you have to do is add in ONE hot cow and the Old Boys Club turns into Rocky! I had to laugh, because the 'dusty ones' probably really did lose out! :)


  4. I love this. We have a 3 year old bull and a yearling in together and they rough house around and it's kind of funny to watch. Then our neighbors moved their cows back across our creek and they just turned the bull out and now they "talk" back and fourth with each other ALL DAY and NIGHT!!! They sound like a couple of bears. It's fun to listen to during the day but at 2 in the morning not so much! I love having them around though and wouldn't trade it for cars on a city street any day!!

  5. Boy you can say that again. Animal or human, tsk, tsk, tsk. Great pictures girl!

  6. That second last photo should be captioned "Na na na na na!"

  7. I would say there is never a dull moment around your place!


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