Monday, June 3, 2013

It can't be real

I sure don't feel (of look :) ) old enough to have a child graduating from college! I just tell people that I had him at 12! LOL! Pretty soon I'll have to tell people he's my brother, then my Dad! HA! I hope the best for him on all the adventures he wants to tackle. I will support him no matter what or where he wants to do and go. He will always have home to come back to if the earth falls from beneath him. He has the whole world by the tail and can twist it how ever he wants. He has a clean slate to start to draw on. I hope he never gets hurt, but I know he will. I hope he never fails, but I know he will. I wish him luck on his journey to find his niche in this world. I know they will change as gets older and experiences a lot of life's lessons. And then heads to grad school! Fly my little punk! Follow your heart and fly! Love you my little punk.

Grandpa would be so proud of you.

Learning to walk.

2 years old. I had a hard time cutting that blond curly hair!

Freshman in college. Learning to fly!

All (almost) grown up. Inside the old barn we're going to tear down. He took the roof off last summer!

In the back yard.


  1. He was such a that curly hair! I would have had a hard time cutting it. Beautiful post...I hope for the best for him.

  2. Wow! Hope his adventures are blessed!
    Yes, love that curly hair! I have a little guy with hair like that, but, I for some reason I always do cut it once it gets to his ears. ;)

  3. Wow nice commentary on good 'ol Mikey. He is a good looking young man isn't he. Very nice post. He will do well.

  4. Congratulations!

    The world is they say!


  5. Oh my you have a handsome son! Here's hoping for a great life ahead of him!


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