Monday, June 17, 2013

He did it!!!

On June 15, 2013 at 9:00am - my only child graduated from college cum lade! I could not be prouder of him. He is an amazing young man with the world at his finger tips now.
It was an amazing day. The celebration started at 9am sharp. They had two different graduations depending on your major. The one at 9am was for Social & Behavior Sciences and Social Work and Business and Public Administration. The other one was at 2pm for Science, Health and Engineering, also Arts, Letters and Education. Michael's girlfriend graduated at the 2:00 celebration. She had two majors. Philosophy and English. She graduated with honors, suma cum lade. 4.0 grade point! Smart young lady. Anyways. The kids walked onto the football field, called "The Inferno". It has red astro turf! Then they had a few speakers. Then the heat started to pick up. By the time it ended at about 11:00am, it was already in the 80's! We then headed back to our home. Family and friends started to show up around 4pm. we bbq'd burgers, hot dogs, had a few beverages and visited with everyone. We met Hannah's family for the first time at the party. :) Very nice people. They said that the 2pm graduation was hot, hot HOT! Poor Hannah was a little sun burnt!
We had a coffee can set out for the kids "road trip relief fund"! HA HA! We sent them too Oregon for a week to hand out resumes, check out U of O, and just take a deep breath and reflect on the past 4 years. They want to go to grad school at the U of O. Michael wants to get a doctorate degree and Hannah wants to get a PhD degree. Lordy! So, off they go to Oregon. Hope they have a blast!

The graduates.

Accepting his diploma! I was zoomed as far as my little camera would go! And his eyes are closed!

Me and my boy!



  1. Awwww! Good for him...wonderful for you!


  2. Ha! I LOVE the pic of you kissing your boy. Classic mother/son interaction. :)

  3. It would be wonderful to be present when you celebrate Michael receiving his Doctor's degree. He can do it for sure, and I'll be there with bells on! Yoohoo

  4. Congrats!! I love that pic too, of you kissin' him! Too cute!

  5. What a wonderful post! Congrats to your son, and to you Mom for helping him get through it all! YAY!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! to you both. Everyone has done a good job raising Mike. We all take a little credit. LOL You and Cam have given him good guidence.
    Love the kissing pic. He will survive I am sure. M

  7. Way to go!!! So awesome!!
    Love that pic of you kissing him!

  8. Wonderful! You sure look like a proud mama.

  9. Wonderful! Love the pics of the two of you.


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