Sunday, June 9, 2013

Horse Shoes

Yesterday the horse shoer was out to put shoes and Cameron's and my horses. I had my camera with me. yea! We put the horses on the scale and Junior weighs in at a whopping 1365 pounds!! But then again, he is 16.2 hands. Leo weighed in at an even bigger whopping 1460 pounds!! But then again he is 16.4 hands. Big boys! A hand measurement is measured by turning your hand side ways and starting at the ground of their front foot, you go all the way up to where their mane ends by their back. So with Junior that would be 16 times. Or, an easier way is take a tape measure and go from the same places and how ever many inches that is you then divide by 4. They consider "a hand" to be 4 inches. The "fellas" are both 7 years old. We got them as 2 year olds. The guys we got them from said they had 30 days on them. What ever that means. They have been awesome cow ponies. There has only been a few incidents of trauma. Nothing spectacular. :) Well, there was this on time Cameron was riding Junior and there was a mylar balloon on the hill side, he didn't even have to get off, just swooped it up and started down the hill shaking it. You should have seen the look on Juniors face! HAHAHAHA! Well, at least Junior waited to get to the bottom of the hill before he bucked Cameron off! He was fine thank goodness. Ever since then, no bucky bucky! I'm not much into the blood lines of horses. They are either a good horse or not. But, both boys are Driftwood breed. Junior has that real long gait that looks like he is hardly running. And smooth like a rocking chair. Leo on the other hand comes from quarter horse racing. In fact he has Man O War in his lines. And can he run! And he LOVES to run! So, I am usually the one who gets the " Get around those SOB'S"! And we do. They both can anticipate the next move a cow will make. They are awesome in the sorting pen. I always say, Leo watches Sesame Street, he knows which one doesn't belong! lol!

This is Cameron's horse Junior.

 My horse Leo. He's always suspicious getting shoes on!

And what would a day shoeing horses be with out a treat for Bandit?! Yummy! A hoof!


  1. This is a very interesting post. My grandfather was a blacksmith and horse trainer. He passed away before I was even a year old, so I've always had a place in my heart for horses and for the men that still pursue the careers of caring for them. I love the mask on your dog's face, you really had no choice in naming him, did you?
    Have a lovely week and breathe a little country air for me, will ya :)

  2. The worst dog fights I've ever seen have been over those tasty hoof morsels. I guess they must be tasty. My dogs LOVE them, too!

  3. That's a good picture of Leo. Should be in the Quarter Journal. I like Juniors head shot. Dogs sure the hooves and all the scraping too. Nice post. M

  4. I agree with small scenes that is a great picture of Leo. She meant to say dogs sure love the hooves and all the scrapings too. You both love your horses and they love you back - as much as a horse can and, that is really really perfect.

  5. Those really are big stout ranch horses. Ummm 16.4- does that make him 17 hands? Handsome boys!

  6. Yep, dogs love the hoof trimmings! Pretty ponies y'all have got there!



    What's a hoof?



  8. Beautiful horses! Dogs like horse hooves?

  9. Leo is a beauty...but I very seldom meet a horse I don't like. It is just I like some better than others. (Not experience speaking...not really.)

    When my husband was a toddler, his dad was a quarter horse jockey in Terre Haute.

    Also, wonder if Leo is related to Seabiscuit? Seabiscuit was a grandson of Man 0 War.


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