Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer time - sweet, sweet summer time

Summer is just around the corner. It's been in the mid 80's here the past few days. Suppose to stay this way for the for see able future and a little warmer. ( if you believe the weather people).  We took the winter cover off the pool a few days ago to see what kind of surprises we were in for. UGH! Not to bad. Mostly leaves and algae. Lots of chlorine, brushing and vacuuming and its almost ready to hop in! We do need heat, lots of heat for the solar heater to warm the pool. Doesn't look too bad.

                  Those are cows in the backyard. Such a view!

                     A pretty little yellow flower.

                                    Hens and chicks.

        A little butterfly getting nectar from the flower basket.

   Thanks for visiting. Have a glorious day!


  1. Summer time when the living is easy Ha Ha !

  2. Your flowers are real pretty as is the gorgeous Butterfly. I think the yellow flower is a dahlia.
    How long does it take the solar heater to warm the water? Sky looks good.

  3. I just hope you have time to use that pool!

    What a glorious view!

  4. The water looks so blue and the pool looks so blue. I hope you have some free days to use the pool. Swimming on the 15th?? M

  5. Cool pool!!! Our kids always had to use the canal :)


  6. Love the pool, now that would be fun to have at the backyard, and then cows over the fence, which would make it even better!

    So pretty!

  7. what a beautiful pool! I'm envious. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Did you hear that huge splash just now? That was me diving in! :-)


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