Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A start to the end

We headed out this morning to start getting the bulls out of the cows. We opened gates and closed gates and looked around to see where the bulls were and how many were there. We had a good number of bulls to start with. :) We got the horses in, the bull numbers in hand and then - - - the sky turned black! And it didn't just start to rain, it POURED! And POURED! and POURED! We hopped in the pick up and headed home. Made something to eat and waited for it to let up anyways. I don't mind riding in the rain. Its the threat of thunder and lightning that spooks me! It stopped by noon. We got 4/10th of an inch of rain in 3 hours! On top of the almost 2 inches this past week! We'll take it! :)
We got 8 bulls out in 3 different sets. If you push too hard on them, then all they want to do is run away! After the first group. We went and got the 2nd group and I got my trusty cowgirl Bandit. My little 40 pounder can make a 2000 pound animal behave! :) The first group we started out with 6 bulls and ended up at the corrals with 3! HA! Between the creek and the irrigation ditches, they know where the horses can't cross! Stinkers! That leaves 14 left to go! We should have all the bulls out by Thursday. We kept the bulls in the cows for 62 days. 

This is Patches. I think he wants to go back with the cows. Sorry buddy.

    Bandit getting him to leave.

   Out the gate they go. Thanks Bandit!

     I wonder if they make an anti depressant for bovine? He looks so sad!


  1. congratulations on the rain! I know it just happened like it does here but you need it to make it through the dry spell ahead. We got heavy rain today too. Great narrative!

  2. Great bunch of bulls. Good 'ol Bandit, she'll get the job done. M

  3. Darn bulls. Ours won't stay with the bunch we put them with. Grr. :/

  4. I bet Bandit is worth her weight in gold...

  5. Oh Patches is a fine looking fellow we love Herefords we have since bred with Charlois to get the blonde for higher price but I prefer Herefords any day. Bandit is truly a hardworker:) B


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