Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crazy Springtime...

This has been a very crazy spring. The guys had to reseed about 75 acres of grass that failed to grow when planted last fall. We've had freezing temps over night since - well last fall! It's kinda sad to see the flowers  all pretty during the day, then in the morning they are all slumped over and frozen.
I hope the reseeding grows. Our only irrigation is sub surface from the creek. Or rain. But that's not in the forecast any time soon. Sunday night into Monday we had high winds that gusted up to 60mph! Holy %6*T!!! It was windy. You lean into the wind, then it shifts! LOL! Tuesday was some what decent. Still a little blustery. But, I decided to do so yard work. Then here comes the black clouds. RUN! HAIL! That pasted. Back outside. Black clouds again! RUN! HAIL! But, I persisted and got the yard work done.
Today was beautiful. I went and opened all the gates so the cows and bulls could go out in the high rocks pasture. As I was going by the a little pond. I saw this bird in the water along with an American avocet. I have never seen one of these. Its called a black necked stilt. Female. She has brown on her back. So pretty.
Well, the rest of this week is suppose to be pretty darn nice. Close to 80*!!! AWESOME!
The back yard. Even the cat Whitey is hiding under the tree. Do you see the white cat? Yes, she is a real cat. :)

Hail in the grass.
Black necked stilt.

Here she is again.


  1. Crazy weather is right. Over on this side of the Mts. we had hail too. No big wind just a mild breeze. Love the new bird. I like her red legs. I wanna see one.
    Nice post. M

  2. Don't ya just love the friggin' wind? We've got it BAD around here this time of year. Your yard looks beautiful. I can't wait until things start greening up and blooming in our neck of the woods.

  3. Yes, cah-razy weather! It's getting kinda old. Can't it just make up it's mind, geez. :P

    Love your yard, so pretty and green!! :)

  4. When I was a kid, many moons ago, we hardly ever had we have it every summer. At least once, and lots of times two or three times.

    That black necked stilt is a pretty bird.


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