Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ranch Tour - And a Funeral.

Today was a very busy day. First thing in the Morning, noticed a Hereford bull we call "the wonder bull", because you always wonder where he's going to be the next day. Injured! :( Front leg. No sign of injury, just can't walk on it. I always tell the cows and bulls, if you need help, go to the road if you can. Well, he heeded my advice and was next to the road, by a gate! So we got the horse trailer, a bite of hay and lured him in the trailer on foot. Will have the vet out to check him out. Then the crew from the Western Livestock Journal, located in Denver, came out today for a ranch tour. The weather kinda cooperated. It didn't rain. But, it was 52* and FREAKIN COLD!!! We all survived though. There were 3 bus loads of people! 126 people total! From 12 different states! A few days before they came we rented chairs from the Lutheran Church, tables from the FFA. Cleaned out the 4 car garage and rented port a potties. They showed up at 10:00am. We kept them on the  bus and took them to the barn and corals where we work cows. They had tons of questions. The most interesting thing they thought was cool was the sharp shod horse shoes. We put borrium on heel and toe horse shoes so we can ride on the ice with less chance of slippin and slidin. Jake talked about the ranch and how when his Grandfather came here with his brothers, they wanted a place where they couldn't drag a plow. Well, they found it! He also talked about the Nez Perce Indians that used to be here years ago and how the ranchers and Indians got along great. Then we went back to the house and had bbq'd tri tip roasts, potato salad, beans and ice cream bars! YUM! All made by the matriarch Joan. Then they headed out around 1pm.

The garage all set up and ready to go.

The Flag in front of the barn.

Some of the gang lining up for the food.

The food line.

The buses.
Then at 3:00pm we had to be in town to go to Cameron's Great Aunt's funeral. He was a pall bearer. It was a nice small gathering at the cemetery. Tomorrow there is going to be a celebration of her life in town.


  1. I wish I could have come! You put out a huge spread and you had a HUGE amount of people. I'm so sorry about your husband's great aunt...losing people is always hard.

    I would LOVE a tour of your ranch. I also really enjoy the history of the Indians.

  2. And we weren't there. Sounds like everything went well except the weather. But you all are tough. I bet all the stories were interesting.
    Sorry about the great Aunt. Now who's side of the family was she on? Just curious.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy!! M

  3. I would love to have been on the tour, too. I am just so glad you have this blog.

    Sorry for your loss...

  4. Whoa! That is a massive amount of strangers to entertain! I would get sweaty palms just seeing the tour buses roll up. Sounds like you handled it with ease, though.


Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the ranch.