Friday, May 10, 2013

Outta Here!

Monday we shipped a bunch of cull cows to the auction. Along with 6 dink pairs and an unusable angus bull. Had a FULL truck load. Cull cow is a cow that no longer serves her purpose on our ranch. She is open (not pregnant), lost a calf sometime between preg testing and branding. The dinks are from granny cows. They had itty bitty calves that weren't in our calving dates. We kept the younger cows with dinks. The younger cows will breed back, and hopefully calve with in the calving dates. If not, they will go to town too. The older(grannies), usually don't breed back, or they have later and later calves. The bull, well, he was shooting blanks. And that doesn't work when you want to have babies! :)
Waiting cows to be sorted by pairs and age.

7:00am right on time. Backing up to the loading dock.

The old guy backing the truck up to the dock.

And down the road the go. Red hill from the sunrise.

Gertie, our bottle baby. Just finished dinner.

Stach checking out the bottle. The cats love hanging with the calf.


  1. Well very good commentary. Ya tell it like it is and people like that. M

  2. Gertie is adorable...and Stach is sure a cutie.

    And yes, I do like hearing the real deal of your day to day life. Very interesting to me.


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