Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wind and a cow - or a windy cow!

Today we finished branding the last of the cows. The 'dinks'. Had 50 of them to brand. Worked the dries and a few grannie pairs that are going to town on Monday, will make a nice truck load. Was a warm sunshiny day today. But, the wind! And it was coming from the East! So, it was a little on the cool side.  I wish it would stop already! You get dust in your eyes, up your nose and in your hair! And it's not 'normal' dust. It's mixed with Mt. Saint Helens ash. So its gritty. That ash never goes away. It's been 33 years May 18, 1980. It's like talcum powder, and gets fluffy and billowy. And sticks to everything. At least it washes off! :)
The wind sock in the back yard.

The flag in the front barn yard. Didn't seem as windy in the front..

On our road trip down the west coast. We stopped in a tiny tiny town that had wood carvings from the redwoods. I just LOVED this cow! So, she rode in the back seat of my car the whole trip! HAHAHA. Now, she sits on the front step. :)


  1. Boy oh boy you really had a big wind. I sometimes like the wind but not when you are trying to work or even play out in it. It was windy here last week and felt like the Jeep was going to blow away.
    We all love Daisy!! MB

  2. Did you have a seatbelt on her? LOL

    Were you living in Washington when Mt. St. Helens errupted and what are your memories?

  3. Yeah, the wind has been not so fun. The days it brings dirt to the sky is most awful.
    Glad y'all didn't blow away, and love that cow!


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