Monday, May 13, 2013

Found the bull.

First off - OMG! And I didn't have a camera.  We headed out this morning at 9:00 am to go get the angus bull with the cut on his right rear leg. We figured he'd be a little more cooperative. WRONG! He was on the other side of the creek. Angus bulls LOVE the water. ;) Well, we had no problem getting him to start to cross the creek. There he stopped. The creek gets REAL deep as you get closer to the lake. And he was close to the lake! So we went in after him. 2 horses and 2 dogs. He didn't wanna play :( Shaking his head at us. That's their way of saying, "LEAVE ME ALONE". We didn't leave him alone. He could move pretty quick in the water. So could the horses and dogs! Well, Cameron figured he'd rope him and drag him out of the creek. His horse Junior, or "Bug" as we call him, has never been roped off of. He's swung a rope and had it around his legs and such, but not had a 1300 pound bull who's not happy on the end! The bull got to the edge of the lake and stopped. Cameron was, or I should say Bug was pulling with all his might. Bandit was in the water chewing on his hip. No budgy. Tug, tug, tug, PULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! The bull was flopping and twisting, going under water, getting WET. He was just getting ready to give in when SNAP! The hondo slipped. (Hondo=a reinforced loop at the end which the rope goes through to form a loop). There he stood looking like, Now what? Fixed the rope, looped it on him and drag him out. He wanted to chase the horses, more then he wanted to be lead. So he chased Bug while I chased him! And yea, he still was dragging a rope. Get to some shrubby trees, and he hid in there. Bandit tried  to get him out, he just got wrapped around the tree. Luckily I had a sorting stick with me and was able to hook the rope and get hold of it and go around the tree. Off he went, to the gate where the trailer was strategically place, and in the trailer he went. :) YEA. Now, to the barn to get treated. Got to the barn at 2 pm!  Can't use a horse to push him up the alley, since he's on the hook. So, on foot. He responded MUCH better on foot, then on horse. He only sent Cameron over the fence once! LOL! Not funny. I went and got him a bite of hay. "peace offering". He was receptive! So, in the barn, in the chute, and treated with antibiotics. Bandit followed him down the alley and into the bunk to chill till he heals. Oh, did I mention we had 1/2 inch of rain on top of this? Well, we did. :) Gotta love this lifestyle. Was a great day. Mission accomplished. :)

Cameron and Bug. What a great horse.
Bandit my amazing cowgirl.

Smokey, my other amazing cowgirl.

Nerdly and her 'daddy'. Nerdly in now 9 years old. She was a bottle baby. So sweet.


  1. Mama said there would be days like this. M

  2. Can I ask was anyone cussing? I am sitting here getting tickled just picturing it all. I would not have been entertained at the time though. But always later after something like this, it is funny to me.

  3. Loved the pictures!! I just came across your blog and look forward to following it! I have had to many days like this with all sorts of animals cows, pigs, and goats. They are never fun and yes there was probably a lot of cussing involved!!

    Have a great day

  4. Ha! It sounds like things got a little "western" around there. Things rarely go as planned when working with bulls, but you conquered anyway! Well done.

  5. This sort of reminds me of a spectacle I saw in Mexico where this guy called a matador used a Capote to maneuver the bull. The crowd cheered 'ole' and even though he was a professional he also jumped over the fence to accommodate the bull's movement (charge). So, it is great all went well and you all are OK and the bull is on the mend!


  6. I'm so glad you found my blog...I enjoyed this post....although, I do know that working with bulls can be a trial!!


  7. Hey you changed your profile pic. Hmmmmm! M


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