Friday, May 24, 2013

A rain coat and chaps kinda day.

We moved the replacement heifers and angus bulls today from the Scout Camp pasture to the Sheep Springs pasture. Had our rain coats and chaps on. Thought for sure it was going to rain. But, it didn't. It was misty when we were saddling up. Then stopped. Sure looks like rain doesn't it?

Bandit, my wonder girl gathering heifers so they all get in a bunch. Make sure there's no run aways. I know I've said this before, but sometimes moving heifers is like playing pinball on horse back! But, with a couple great dogs they keep them in check. I can flank the bunch and Bandit follows behind and flanks the other side as needed. So darn smart these dogs.

Got them all lined out now. Good Job.

Then we headed to the creek to make sure we got all the heifers and bulls. We did. Saw these cute fuzzy duckies trying to hide. Aren't they the cutest!?


  1. That first shot is the one of Bandit it hard to train a dog to work the cattle, and did you do the training?

  2. That first picture is pretty neat looking and one would think it was going to rain. great clouds. Bandit is pretty amazing alright.

    Little duckys are cute. Our baby geese look about in the teen age stage now. Gawky and weird. M

  3. Love those pretty blue clouds! Yay for good cow dogs!!

    Sweet little ducks, how stinkin' cute!

  4. Nothing better than a really good cow dog! Love this whole post. The girls figured it out and everyone moved on out!


  5. Great pictures! That green, and stormy clouds sure look good!!!

  6. A good dog is worth his weight in gold! We've got to start training up a pup before our old dog dies. He's more cow savvy than some people I know.


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