Friday, May 17, 2013

Ravishing Rhubarb

So, I don't know much about rhubarb, except that it's good in cake and pie. I have 2 HUGE plants that have been here forever. Last year when they started to grow, one of them got a flower on it. This year BOTH of them have flowers. They are quite pretty. The stalks that the flowers grow on are hollow. I know your not suppose to eat those. I guess the rest of the stalks are all right to eat. Does any one else have rhubarb that flowers? And why does it do this? Can you make them not flower?

The flowering rhubarb plant.

The rhubarb plant - or shrub. It's big enough to be a shrub.

The flower bud before it blooms. And a pesky May Fly!

The flower.

Bandit sitting in front of the rhubarb. She doesn't like her picture taken. I had to ask her if she's been bunny hunting lately! That got her to look at me.

And a Columbine. These flowers are so so pretty. And they reseed. So, you have to be careful where they grow. I gather the seeds and spread them around everywhere.


  1. My mom always had rhubarb, but I don't remember a thing about it. I don't remember it blooming, so just gave a quick glance on the web and it said to remove flower stalks when first seen.

    That is a beautiful columbine!

  2. We have rhubarb and as you point out it is good in pies and cakes also sauces. I pull the stock with flowers out because I've been told if you leave it grow it takes away from the good stuff - less eatable stuff. Be sure to trim off the leaves completely because they are toxic. It freezes well should you want to have some later in the year. We slice it into small pieces and put it a ziplock bag. No other preparation necessary just thaw it out when needed and enjoy.

    Take care, Bob

  3. Very sweet picture of Bandit. Our rhubarb is huge too. You should make a pie or at least sauce and put the warm sauce over ice cream. YUMMY!! Do you remember that??? Always cut off the tops---what is happening is that it is going to seed and that takes the energy away from the stalks which is the good part.
    You added pictures in that top bar. How do you do that? M


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