Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pickin' Brains

We had a wonderful day today. We took the kids out for a Sunday brunch at the famous Davenport Hotel. They have a 5 star brunch every Sunday. The Davenport was built in 1914, it was the first hotel in the USA with air conditioning, a central vacuum system, pipe organ and dividing doors for all the ball rooms. It has 21 floors. It's a 4 diamond hotel and listed on the national register of historic  places. Anyways, we wanted to treat the kids and pick their tender brains a little. They are both graduating from college this June. Michael, my son, is graduating with honors with a  psychology major and philosophy minor. I am just bustin' at the seams with pride! Hannah, his girlfriend, is graduating with honors with a philosophy major and creative writing minor. Very proud of her also. They want to eventually go to grad school. Michael, wants to get his doctorate in experimental psychology. Basically the who, how, and why the brain does what it does. Hannah wants a PhD in philosophy. She didn't get accepted in the school she was hoping for. So, they decided they are taking a year off. They want to move to Austin Texas, get a job, and go back to school. I am not real keen on them moving to Texas. They need a J O B first. We are going to send them there as a graduation gift so they can check it out, look around and see if that's really where they want to go. It was a wonderful day.
Here's  the sunset at the end of the day. And the ever adorable Pansy.
The chandelier in the Grand Pennington Ballroom where the brunch was.
The main lobby of the hotel.

The kids.


Looking through the trees.




  1. Wow fancy Hotel and look at "the kids" all dressed up. Where's the picture of you and Cam all dressed up??
    When are they going to go visit Austin? Are they going to find jobs here or there? I need to pick their brains too. I got Gramma questions. LOL

  2. What handsome kids (and beautiful) you have! I love that die for. And your sunset...perfect!


  3. Beautiful place!!
    Love sunset and flower pictures. :)

  4. You have a handsome son, and I swear Hannah reminds me of someone but I don't know who.

    I love pansies....


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