Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hot Dog

Today was another hot day. 90*. We (hubby and I), sanitized the whole barn! Raked the floor, all the heifer pens, and the alley. Shoveled out the chute and lead up alley. Washed the tack room and sterilized the sink. Hooked the big hose up and power washed the chute, the calf table and the walk way. Power washed the scale, loading dock and alley. Hooked up the rake behind the 4 wheeler and drug the corrals. Turned on the sprinklers and watered the corrals and barn yard. We pump water from the creek to run the sprinklers. Looks pretty spiffy. The barn does get cleaned on a regular basis. Every day when we are calving. Power washed at least 2x's a year. The chute and alley every time we work cows. They make a mess! If you let it dry its like concrete! I wish we had a little skidster! But, we don't. So it's all done with rakes, shovels and pitchforks! A good work out. We have chlorine cooking in the water tank to kill all the grunge in there. Then we'll sweep the sides and bottom. Drain, rinse, drain and then fill. This is all part of our keeping the cows and horses healthy. Also, the Western Livestock Journal will be here on the 22nd. Their annual ranch tour. 126 people! Ought to be interesting.  Big BBQ at the folk's place about 5 miles up the creek from us. A tour of the corrals, a look see at the cows, but mostly I'm sure a lot of BS! ;)
Smokey Jo taking a little nap after a long day helping clean the barn.


  1. I am worn out just reading this...but it does remind me of working at the orchard and powerwashing the apple bins and using bleach water on the coolers.

  2. Whew!! That is a real workout. I have to go lay down now. At least Smokey knows when to take it easy. M


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