Monday, April 29, 2013

Off to see the cows...

Saturday we turned the bulls out with the cows. They were pretty good boys. No fighting, no posturing, no pushing and shoving. They just headed to the barn, up they alley and out the door. Took them all the way to the cows. That afternoon, they were all spread out threw the girls. We try to put one bull to 25 cows. No need having to many bulls. They can be a pain in the butt!
Bandit making sure the boys behave.

I wonder what they are talking about? Who's the handsomest?

Group huddle. Get moving guys! You've got business to take care of......


  1. They're on their best behavior because they're going to see the ladies. HaHa! We still have another month before breeding starts. With really heavy snow and little protection from it, we have to calve later than some.

    It looks like spring has sprung in your neck of the pretty.

  2. Bulls, they are definitely a necessary nuisance! Ha! We still have another month before our bulls go out, guess we may be a little slow, but with the chance of having a hard winter, and not just the greatest abundance of grass, we like it to be as easy on those mama's as possible.
    Love seeing how other folks do things! Sure is nice seeing all that lovely green grass that y'all have, as well!

  3. I guess they have their coice of women! LOL

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  5. Who's the handsomest--Yeah right. Who's got the dirtiest butt!!! Haha!
    good post. M


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