Friday, April 19, 2013

Branding part 2. And the Twins.

We branded the Grannies and younger cows babies the other day. All went well. We are going to brand again on Saturday. Then we'll have one group left to do! Then the Bulls get turned out. The bulls are pretty sure they can go with the cows now! We've put 3 back in the last 2 days! UGH!
                       And a special picture of an awesome mama cow with her twins!

MOOOOOO - Some of the babies waiting in the pens.

My child the calf pusher. He loads 8 calves per pen. Then brings them to the chute, and one at a time pushes them in to the chute. Good job for a Psychology student who's going to graduate with honors this June!!

A granny waiting in the barn for her calf.

Here she is again. Sneaking closer to have a look. Baby is in the chute, tipped on his side, so he can get his ears done, dehorned, shots, branded and castrated. Takes 1 minute to do each calf.

Another perfect brand. We use an electric iron.

Mama and her twins. We brought her in from the high heavens. She was having some issues. So , we got her home, doctored her and 2 days later she had a calf. The next morning she had 2! And is taking care of them both! Very unusual for a range cow when they are out on the range.


  1. Hi, I found your blog through your Mom who visited my blog and sent me your address. I love the photograph on your April 5 post. The lighting is perfection :) I do have a question, why is the brand blue? I'm not a farm girl, but I must say that living way out away from everyone, where you can have the peacefulness of silence and fresh air, or be able to hoot and howler when you what to, without bothering your neighbors . . . sounds like heaven. I would love to invite you to visit, and if you like my blog, I would love to become mutual followers. I have met a lot of wonderful people through blogging. I'm a retired activity director from Hearthstone in Moses Lake, a wife, mother and grandma. Just enjoying each new day the good Lord sends by way.
    Hope to hear for you, Connie :)

  2. How fortunate to have twins! I wonder if her female offspring would have a inclination to have twins also? Wouldn't that be a wonderful productivity enhancement! Thanks for your hospitality. Bob

  3. Cool pictures. Nice one of Mike. Where's Kylee???? A calf a minute that's pretty good. We had a good time and hope S and her Mum did too. I posted babies too. MB

  4. Ah c'mon MB! Of course we did! Thanks so much for the invitation and the welcome!

  5. Great blog! I'm a ranch wife, and enjoy finding other ranch wives!


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