Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wild Flowers

Some smaller wild flowers are starting to pop up in the pastures. I just love to ride through the wild flowers. They are so pretty and unique. I've tried to plant some in the yard, but they never grow.
Here are some flowers..

I call these 'stink daisies'. They grow up underneath the bluffs. The cows don't like them, but the horses do.

This is vetch. It grows here and there on most of the ranch. But in the Turkslees pasture it covers the whole thing. Cows LOVE vetch. It's very very high in protein. It's considered a legume. The horses like it too.

This is a nasty nasty flower. It's Lupine. It also comes in purple. When a cow eats it at the flower stage, it can cause them to have a crippled calf. It only effects them in the first 4 months of pregnancy. When the bloom is spent and the seeds have fallen, usually in August, the cows can then eat the plant. There is a bug that eats this plant also and kills the bloom. The bug is an iridescent blister beetle. This flower is also very high in protein. It grows sporadic around the ranch. Where its highly concentrated, we move the cows out of that pasture.

A sea of wild flowers.

These are just wild daisies that grow in very dry hot conditions.


  1. Very nice. I love wildflowers and I bet it is fun and pretty to ride the pastures full of color. M

  2. I love that sea of wildflowers shot and also the vetch. We have it around here, and had a little down home in Tennessee but just seen it occasionally in an old place. Nothing like around here and around here is sure not like that picture you have. I did not realize cattle and horses liked it.

    ps--not need to look at my blog...I have not blogged in ages.


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