Saturday, April 13, 2013

Busy Busy.

We started the branding season today with heifers and their babies. I wish I had more 'action' pictures, but I am either in the saddle, or behind the iron! Everything went very smooth. Except "that one calf" that escaped TWICE under the chute! Talk about "calf dogging"! LOL! Second time he got away, and the horses had to go get him! Little stinker! The weather was not very cooperative. No rain or anything, just WINDY! Sorting pairs was kinda trying. But we got 'er done. Thank goodness we have a nice huge barn to work in.

We're gonna work cows today? ALRIGHT! My main man, Leo. The rest of the guys in the back ground. L to R. Magnum, Feathers, Junior and Jack.

Mamas waiting for their babies.

Freshly branded.

Moving the mamas and babies to the meadows, so they can heal up.

To the meadow we go.

And we're done for today.


  1. I was hoping for action shots, but figured you would be otherwise occupied! At least we see the horse, and the after effects!

  2. You are busy busy. Love the picture of Leo he's ready to go with an eager look on his face.
    We're busy rounding up chicks. LOL!
    Was Mike helping out? I wish we coulda been there. M

  3. Great pictures and an epic (great) narrative.

  4. Did you see that Leo is totally in the air. Neat. Four off the floor. LOL MB


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