Saturday, September 28, 2013

Workin' calves.

We vaccinated all our steer calves today. They are now ready to go to their new home at the end of October. They averaged 580 pounds. Not too bad. It rained last night so we didn't have to water the corrals which was nice. We did water the inside of the barn. Helps so much to keep the dust down. It rained in the morning too. Nice too have rain and green grass! Grow babies grow! :)

Pairs coming into the lots.

Cows & Calves

Lotsa calves.

Back up the canyon we go.

If I don't look at them, maybe they will turn around.

Smokey keepin' them going.

Up along the creek.

Walking bridge across the creek.

Ummmm - you better get moving.

You didn't listen.

Until next time babies. You were well behaved today!

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  1. Sometimes you get lucky and get a little rain to keep down the dust. You guys need a break after the nasty storms you've had.

  2. Good looking calves you got there, ours get weaned in about 3 weeks, and we thing we are doing something different and not keeping any (!) so will be weird all winter here

  3. They sure are looking good- and look at how green it is! Is that normal there for this time of year? Great photos.

  4. Good looking calves. You sure got a bunch of them. I think Smokey is sticking her tongue out at you. Haha!

  5. Sounds like you had a great day to work calves. Awesome calf weights!

    The Up Along the Creek and Walking Bridge Across the Creek pictures are beautiful.

    Thursday and Friday mornings we squeezed in moving pairs to new pastures before The Rancher left to chop corn at the neighbors. It was a brisk 4-wheeler ride at 40*. Yup, dug out the cuddle duds and snow pants.

  6. Bet you were glad to see the end of this day...I was going to say I bet there was a lot of moo-ing going on. I looked and looked at the pics and only seen one cow that was actually mooing...

    BTW, how did Bandit's nose ever get?

  7. Your grass does look nice and summery...we are drying up here with that FALL look!

    The cattle is also looking 'right good' as I used to hear growing up! :)


  8. Good looking bunch of calves, for sure, and they averaged a good weight!
    Love those corrals, the wooden fences, I just love old timey stuff like that. ;)

    Sorry I haven't been by in some time. Hope things are well!!

  9. Beautiful photos! Lots of great photos you have in this blog! I sadly just had to put my Hereford bull down. I can't wait to get another one and some Hereford cows. Nice to see yours!

  10. Great weight on those calves! They look good. We've still got a lot of work to do this month with ours. 'Tis the season, I suppose.


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