Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A seat with a view

We spent most of today in the saddle. Moving cows and steer calves outta the way so we could move the replacement heifers and bulls down the creek. They will be going across the railroad tracks in a few days. Then we went and got an old Angus bull from the Lake pasture. I swear Angus bulls are born with a snorkel! Riding again tomorrow to bring all the steer pairs down to the meadows so we can vaccinate them on Saturday.

The Old Guy across the creek so the heifers and bulls don't go onto the island.

Here come the heifers and bulls.

It was a beautiful Fall day.

Cameron getting the Hippo. Smokey making sure he stays outta the Lake!

A long day.

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  1. Looks like a full where you are glad to sit and relax at the end of. Love these photos!

  2. Well I hope you have some work left for us to do when we get there in a couple of weeks.
    great shots and good to see the old feller sitting a horse again. Nice shot through the trees---at least you have a few trees still standing. LOL!! MB

  3. I loved your photos! Thanks for giving me a glimpse of the scenery in your neck of the woods. Work with that view can't be all bad, right?! Happy trails as you continue the journey!

  4. I LOVE that second look at all those beautiful cattle!

  5. Cattle move at their own pace and it's slow. They make for long days sometimes.

  6. Good Luck working calves this weekend. Hope the weather stays nice for you.

    Isn't that the way it goes ... move cattle so we can move more cattle.

  7. Hey there. I read all your back posts, and I just can't believe you lost another tree! Giminy! Love your photos.

  8. Sometimes I think your land looks a lot like the back part of our farm. Love the cattle move with you!



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